With its giant interior, cheap drinks, stacked jukebox, free Barbecue Sundays and photo booth, Alex's wouldn't really need much more to qualify it as an excellent bar. But what makes it the No. 1 rock club are the acts it books and the positive vibe it maintains. Thanks to its reputation as a standup joint that treats bands well (thanks to owner/musician Alex Hernandez's dedication to the fostering of a strong music community in Long Beach), Alex's Bar has hosted nearly every punk band worth their three chords. Alex's treats music as a focus rather than an afterthought. This past year has seen huge acts such as John Reis' newest project, the Night Marchers, and Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs gracing the corner stage, but Alex's doesn't limit itself to punk acts. Practically any local band worth seeing makes the occasional stop at Alex's, and its monthly mod/soul club the Secret Affair regularly fills the bar to bursting. Why? Because everyone loves it there. Did we mention the black-velvet paintings (green women, nude women, a bottle of Budweiser)? The freaky witch who peers down from the ceiling? The always-interesting-looking crowd? Alex's shows other rock clubs how it's done.

Location Details

2913 E. Anaheim St.
Long Beach CA 90804


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