Best Place to Shag and Shuffle (2008)

Promenade Dance Studio

The next time you have a wedding to go to, save yourself some embarrassment and get dancing lessons before you hit the dance floor. (Remember, alcohol is not a performance enhancer.) Or, if it's your own wedding you're going to, Promenade Dance Studio can choreograph your momentous "first dance." (And if the idea of waltzing to Whitney Houston nauseates you, the instructors can help infuse a little salsa and swing into your routine.) Of course, the instructors' expertise is by no means limited to wedding dances. In private lessons, Promenade's instructors teach everything from Argentine tango and flamenco to pole dancing and disco hustle. The best part: "Couples don't pay double." Once a month, Promenade even hosts live musicians as it changes into Club Promenade, a sort of nightclub at which students can gain additional practice in a real dance environment.

Location Details

301 Marine Ave.
Newport Beach CA 92662


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