Best Place to Pick Up a One-Night Stand (2008)


When the sun goes down and the torch on the restaurant's roof is at full flame, the ravenous cougars who prowl the lounge go on the hunt for young, tasty morsels. Which is why the place draws a big Saturday-night crowd week after week. (It ain't just the cheap drinks and run-of-the-mill cover bands that are packing 'em in—well, the cheap drinks probably have a little bit to do with it.) The wide age gap between most of the men and women really eliminates any need for idle banter or hidden signals. Having game is barely even a requirement to score at Foxfire. Just don't be, uh, sheepish about dangling yourself like bait out on the dance floor. Whether you're a an experienced older woman looking to school a cub half your age, a young man who digs older chicks, or even a young woman looking to bed a sugar daddy, all are welcome . . . and usually willing.

Location Details

5717 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd.
Anaheim CA 92807


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