Getting drunk is a funny thing. After that fourth margarita, you start to find things fascinating that you'd never really had much interest in before. Elvis memorabilia, for example. Mediocre Mexican food. The sound of your own voice. Your cute second cousin. Which is what makes Crooner's Lounge, the bar inside Azteca Mexican Restaurant, the choice of professional inebriates everywhere. Azteca is covered in all things King (more than 1,500 pieces of memorabilia), which means you can get a buzz on and ponder the temporality of life and the ephemeral nature of fame. Then, stagger over to the karaoke DJ and give "In the Ghetto" your best shot. Hell, it's guaranteed you'll be at least as good as Elvis himself toward the end. See those people out there? They're laughing WITH you, Bukowski. Mmm, a burrito sounds pretty good right now, huh? Well, weave your way into the restaurant and order something with as clear and steady a voice as you can manage. Azteca is known for its garlic sauce, which does a pretty good job covering the smell of liquor. Okay, so the food's not stellar, but c'mon, you're drunk. Does it really need to be? Now do the right thing and call a cab. You want to live to overindulge another day, right?

Location Details

Azteca Mexican Restaurant, 12911 Main St.
Garden Grove CA 92840


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