Best Club DJ (2008)

Scotty Coats

Being one of the founders of Detroit Bar's Abstract Workshop would be more than enough to put a man in the running for this accolade. Abstract Workshop has established a foothold for innovative hip-hop in Orange County and remains one of Detroit's most popular nights. Add to this the fact that DJ Scotty Coats works for Costa Mesa's Ubiquity Records (see Best Record Label), spins at finer clubs all over the county, has had his work reissued by tastemaker DFA Records and is firmly against the use of Serato, and you realize this man is no dilettante. Coats' repertoire extends well beyond the limits of the latest Now That's What I Call Music compilation, as his myriad club appearances prove. Seemingly comfortable playing any kind of music as long as it's good (who else would you ask to play a disco/hip-hop/dub night?), Coats uses the turntables the way God intended: as instruments themselves.


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