Best Bar to Get Thrown Out Of (2008)

Continental Room

With its awesome DJ nights and live music, this swanky, dimly lit bar in Fullerton (also the oldest drinking establishment in Orange County) makes it pretty easy to get schnockered. Getting too wasted, though, will get you a swift kick in the ass and an 86 for the night. However, being ushered out over the velvet rope in the front—especially if there's a line waiting to get in—kind of gets you rock-star status. Plus, a short walk down the street lands you smack-dab in the middle of downtown Fullerton, where the watering holes are aplenty. So many bar options enable you to keep getting your drink on, and chances are you won't run into anyone who may have witnessed your less-than-graceful departure—unless you land on top of them the next time you get the bum's rush.

Location Details

115 W. Santa Fe Ave.
Fullerton CA 92832


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