Best Metal Band (2008)


After metalheads caught wind of glam in the late '70s, it seemed all would be sunshine and Aqua Net from then on. As heavier bands such as Black Sabbath made way for Spandex-clad howlers such as Twisted Sister, real metal fans (those would be the angry ones) were forced to practice their dark arts in small clubs instead of the arenas their more populist brethren enjoyed. Thankfully, despite the lack of attention, dark metal continued to develop—which brings us to Droid. Playing metal that sounds like it bubbled fresh out of hell's garbage disposal, with machine-gun riffs, throat-rupturing vocals and percussion that feels like you're being punished for listening to it, the Long Beach band bring menace and chops back to the local metal scene. The key to their success, of course, is how convincingly they're able to deliver lines such as "Your flesh is mine; your blood belongs to me." The answer? Duuuuude!


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