Best Dance Troupe (2008)

Kaba Modern

After a fierce battle to the top for MTV's surprising hit show America's Best Dance Crew (presented by Randy Jackson! Hosted by AC Slater!), UC Irvine's Kaba Modern dance team ended up in third place, but it has finally earned some well-deserved national attention. Kaba Modern has been making a name for itself in underground circles and national and global competitions for some years now—including winning the USA World Hip-Hop Championship and placing second at the International World Finals. Though the team is usually much larger in size, Kaba chose to represent its 16-year, award-ridden legacy with six members on Dance Crew: Tony Tran, Mike Song, Yuri Tang, Lawrence Kao, Cindy Minowa and Jia Huang. The TV show has since moved on to a not-so-great second season—though we guess you could say we're a little biased—but fans still can't stop talking about Kaba Modern. Just try Googling any of the members' names with the words "so hot."


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