Best Place to Get Advice About Wine (2007)

Symposium Wine Bar

Wine bars are making a big showing in this year's Best of OC, and there's a reason for that: It's where adults go to have a few drinks, where the floors aren't wet with beer and . . . something wet, and where a jukebox isn't blasting the immortal hits of Journey, Boston or Aerosmith. At the Symposium Wine Bar, there's another reason there isn't any music blasting, and that is owner Don Katz's love of conversation, something that doesn't go with Foreigner. The place is cozy, well-decorated and educationaland the wine is really, really good. Beginners and longtime connoisseurs come to the wine-tasting seminars, and not just to learn what the hell all the swirling, sniffing and swishing is all about. Blind since a bout of spinal meningitis, Katz's sense of taste taste in wine, taste in style, taste in humor, taste in peoplereigns. He'll not only show you what good wine tastes like, but he'll also show you what to look for so you can start deciding for yourself. If you're still not sure what you want, decide on a color, and then order one of the flights ($11-$13), three generously poured samples for you to try and critique. Each wine comes with an identification card, so as you make your way toward the door in a Dionysian stagger, you can hand the card to the cashier, and purchase a bottle to take home. So put down the plastic cup, pick up a glass, and find out what you've been missing.


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