Best Pie (2007)

Lemon Meringue at Bonert's Slice of Pie

Driving up to Bonert's Slice of Pie's outlet store, sandwiched between factories in Santa Ana, we were skeptical. The place looked too industrial to house the best pie in town. But we were gloriously, fantabulously wrong. Stepping into the little pie shop at the side of the hulking structure, we found the best lemon meringue we've ever tasted. Thick and spongy, the meringue was bursting with vanilla; the lemon filling was tart, but not overwhelmingly so; and the crust was nice and thick. And only $2.50 for the 8-inch variety! On the day we visited, they had a buy-two-mini-pies-for-$1 special. Snag a tempting couple, and see if you don't drive back to work with one hand lifting the meringue to your gluttonous face, the other gripping the wheel.


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