Best Place to Smoke Indoors (2007)

Christy�s Ristorante

Normally relegated to the windy tundra known as the patioor, in some cases, the sidewalksmokers in California are not the highest on the totem pole. Farters, nose-pickers and clubbers of baby seals are treated better than smokers. Face it: If you smoke cigarettes, you are kind of a scumbag. But wait, you say you smoke cigars? Well, then, come on inside, good citizen! Dont stand out there in the cold with those animals! Christys is a haven for such high-culture tobacco-smokers, offering a quiet little haven to puff and still be treated like an adult. The good/expensive wine (the cheapest glass of red wine is $11), the great/really expensive food, the white tablecloths and fine stemware are all just footnotes compared to the cigar bar and classy smoking lounge. Relax in a soft leather chair, rub elbows with others who are usually asked to step outside, and bask in flavor country. Yes, its California, and yes, youre smoking inside.


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