Best Night Out for Anglophiles (2007)

Definitely Maybe at Memphis

Where were you when we were getting highon awesome British music? Seriously, where the hell have you been? Youve been missing some incredible mixes from DJs TSC-1 (Sean Harris) and AM 180 (Darren Crandell), whove been dropping bloke-rockin choons every Wednesday for four years at the cozy Costa Mesa Memphis Caf. Attendance is way below what it ought to be. What makes Definitely Maybe interesting is that TSC-1 and AM 180 spin well-known artists such as Joy Division, Stone Roses and Morrissey, but they balance this familiarity with obscure gems by Ride, Slowdive, the Creation and other cult faves. Its refreshing to hear DJs catering to the highest uncommon denominator. Definitely Maybes an oasis of cool sounds. Sort it out, mate.


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