Best Neighborhood Bar/Central OC (2007)

The Olde Ship

Conveniently located on 17th Street in Santa Anabut, unfortunately, just outside walking distance from the Weeklys officesis the best source of bottled ships, maritime paraphernalia and British food youre likely to find in Orange County. And by British food, we mean the kind with a 2-inch coffee-colored head that froths and settles in your glass and has a name like Boddingtons, Fullers London Pride, Newcastle, Bass or Guinness. Besides beer, the Olde Ship has several wide-screen televisions tuned to Barclays Premier League soccer, football, a full bar and actual (solid) food, including a fantastic, peppery meat sandwich called the Captains Burger, excellent fish and chips, curries, bangers and mash, and black pudding, all of which will be served to your table by a nice blond waitress whos always there and always seems to know your name, no matter who you are: Luv.

Location Details

1120 W. 17th St.
Santa Ana CA 92706


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