With its sweeping layout and immense dance floors, Club Vegas is the place to go to break it down on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Just don’t take it too seriously: This place isn’t exactly known for its tactful patrons. Think of all the over-the-top elements of the real Vegas, and you’ve got Club Vegas. The guys have gelled, spiky hair, and the girls wear teeny-tiny skirts and shoes that hurt—but hey, everyone’s there for a good time and to hook up, if they can. Depending on your musical tastes, choose between a massive Top 40 room and a smaller-but-still-substantial house/techno room. Once you’ve opened a tab, a numbered disc allows you to access your account from any of the bars throughout the club, so you don’t have to keep fighting the crowd at the same spot to get a cocktail. Go-go dancers do their thing once the floor gets crowded, which is generally around 11 p.m. The vibe is upscale, but not in an intimidating way, since club-goers are generally of the frat/sorority type. The dress code is strictly enforced, and the VIP lounge is awesome if you can afford to shell out the bucks— yet another way Club Vegas brings the spectacle of Sin City’s glitzy outrageousness to Costa Mesa.

Location Details

1870 Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa CA 92627


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