Best 24-Hour Lockout (2007)

Gemini Studios

Lets just sayand why not?that as younger person, you were in a seven-piece rock band: two guitars, bass, drums, vocals and a horn line, all amplified, all played at high volume. After being kicked out of every members garage by either an angry mother, or a cop at the behest of an angry neighbor, you ended up finding a home in the garage of your drummer, where the seven of you, gear included, packed into a cluttered, cold, wet space that you shared with a washer and dryer, as well as a broken-down, rusted-out 1973 Buick. Oh, how you pined for a decent practice space. Too bad you didnt know about Gemini Studios. Its a 24-hour lockoutmusician lingo for a building where you can practice whenever the hell you want toowned and operated by Cal State Fullerton grad Luke Allen. Musicians will need to jump through the usual rental hoopscontract, security deposit, basic rules and regsbut once the business stuff is out of the way, its time to get down to the business of rockin out! Three studio sizes are available: 200 square feet will cost you $595 per month (just 85 bucks apiece, if theres seven of you!), 150 square feet is $525, and 100 will cost you $445all with AC, the freedom to decorate, insurance, free DSL and, most important, 24-hour access. Look, practicing in a leaky garage sucks, especially when it smells like laundry and motor oil. Get some money together and go legit.


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