Best Record Collector (2007)

John Basil

John Basil has had more records pass through his hands than there are jobbed boobs in Southern California. Basil not only has owned several thousand of them (records, not boobs), but he has possessed thousands of the highest quality specimens, the likes of which have been envied by the wax-hoarding cognoscenti for decades. He currently owns about 3,000 vinyl recordings, but Basil figures that, at its peak, his collection topped 15,000. (He began accumulating records at age 12 in 1979.) His collection today is meticulously organized: library, sound effects/environmental/concept, soundtracks, rock (divided by country), American soul jazz/funk, 20th-century electronic, international, classical, spoken-word/incredibly strange. Other oddities include recordings about Buckminster Fuller, drugs, Walt Whitman's poetry, black American dialectsand ventriloquism. "Those are the most twisted," Basil says. "I like twisted."


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