Best Place to Meet a Film Major (2007)

The Friday Film Forum

Orange County resident Ray Sharp has been hosting a Friday Film Forum at the Long Beach School for Adults for 12 years now. Together with teammates Max Fraley, Rob Ray and Randy Skretvedt, Sharp hosts a weekly screening and postfilm discussion that draws from some of the more obscure corners of American cinema. For the cost of a dollar, cineastes can enjoy the generally esoteric feature selections of the Film Forum programmers, along with a smattering of shorts, cartoons and whatever else these cinematic archaeologists have dug up. While most local film programs focus on well-known classics, Sharp frequently finds movies that would be new discoveries for even the most ardent film fans. Following the screenings, the Friday Film Forum leads a discussion so you can express exactly how you felt about the film as loudly as you wish. In this age of faceless Internet interaction, isn't that a nice thought?

Location Details

3701 E. Willow St.
Long Beach CA 90815


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