Even if you're not a college student, this theater will make you feel like you are, with its informal bulletin boards, unframed posters hanging from the balcony, and tables and chairs where you can polish off the last of your "outside" food (it's forbidden in the auditoriums, but okay in the lobby). But the low-key charms belie the quality of the theaters themselves, which are every bit as nice as the newest multiplexes and may be the best bet in town if you happen to be in a wheelchair—several seats have been removed to create appropriate spaces and/or extra legroom if no handicapped folks show up. Restrooms are clean and well-stocked (we've seen so-called "luxury" 12-plexes that fail to provide in this crucial area), and you gotta love the special $6 Tuesday-night screenings of crowd-pleasers ranging from Ben Hurto The Goonies.

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