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  • 3 years ago | Film Features

    Soap operas are more wondrous and ridiculous than you may realize, especially if you're under the misapprehension that soaps -- especially daytime ones -- revolve around nothing but steamy affairs, unplanned pregnancies, and Maury-style DNA tests....

  • 3 years ago | Film and TV

    A common sentiment recurs through the abundance of eulogies and obituaries penned by film critics in the wake of his death late last week: Roger Ebert was an inspiration. It's easy enough to be encouraged by another's success—to regard an es...

  • 3 years ago | Film and TV

    Tattoo Nation documentarian Eric Schwartz isn’t inked himself — “I’m nicknamed ‘The Virgin,’ ” he admits — but when he started photographing tattoo conventions, he stumbled across an untold, h...

  • 3 years ago | Film and TV

    By Mad Men's fifth season, Betty Draper had walked out of our lives, and a much plumper Betty Francis had waddled in. The audience response to this swollen version of a once-slender character: a collective cringe. Suddenly Betty became a joke. In ...

  • 3 years ago | Film Features

    Luther (Netflix Link) Golden Globe winner and impossible-handsomeness standard-bearer Idris Elba is Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, a brilliant investigator with a complete inability to detach from the darkness of his work. In the pilot, he...


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