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  • 2010 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published January 15, 2009

    "Skitch in Time"

  • 2010 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published June 25, 2009

    "Pay for Play"

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  • Grease

    published April 17, 2008

    The halls of Rydell High School are exactly as you left them last you saw Sandy, Danny Zuko, Frenchy and Rizzo live onstage—or whenever the... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: EC Star 50% Off Sale

    published Dec 30, 2008

    So, it's no real surprise: all those drastic Christmas sales didn't go as well as retailers had hoped. In fact, the outlook is pretty bleak--many are predicting more and more closures and bankruptcies... More >>

  • [Trendzilla] Vintage Stripes

    published December 25, 2008

    The focus of fashion these past five years seems to have shifted to the real. Street-fashion bloggers have taken off (see: the... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: American Apparel Financial Woes?

    published Dec 23, 2008

    Is Dov Charney's American Apparel empire in trouble?As of Nov. 30, American Apparel employed over 10,000 people and operated more than 240 retail stores in 19 countries. The label is known for their f... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: It's Not Too Late!

    published Dec 22, 2008

    Look, it's not too late. Jump in the car, drive. See something in her size? Are Pokemon still cool? What's a Ped Egg?--just fucking grab it at this point. Hey, Macy's is even staying open until midnig... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Orange County Puts Vanity on Hold

    published Dec 19, 2008

    Orange County? Postponing implants and Botox? The New York Times is reporting that in Orange County, "where plastic surgery is a part of [our] culture" (sigh), business is down 30 to 40 percent.  T... More >>

  • [Trendzilla] The Return of Quiksilver's '80s styles

    published December 18, 2008

    It seems that what’s remembered most about the ’80s are its very worst parts. No one remembers the Smiths, R.E.M., the Pixies or... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Discount Codes

    published Dec 16, 2008

    Alright, you last minute shoppers. With the holidays nearing and the economy slumping, storefronts are offering steeper discounts than ever. Here are some discount codes for a few favorite websites th... More >>

  • A Very Zimmerman Christmas

    published Dec 12, 2008

    Southern California's got a few neighborhoods known for their festive (or overkill, whatever you want) holiday displays, where entire blocks of houses do their very best to outdo and outlight each oth... More >>

  • In the Bag

    published December 11, 2008

    You know: Andrew Lloyd Webber, pomp and circumstance, fucking “Memory," seven Tony wins (including Best Musical and Best Original Score),... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Urban Outfitters Pulls Tees in Support of Gay Marriage

    published Dec 10, 2008

    Repeat offender Urban Outfitters has made headlines once again: the leading retailer has taken T-shirts supporting gay marriage off its California shelves this week. The printed Tees, a staple for th... More >>

  • [Trendzilla] Obey Giant's New Clothing Website

    published December 11, 2008

    Shepard Fairey has a posse.By now, it’s pointless to explain the phenomenon Fairey started with Obey Giant, which began with a... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: EC Star & RVCA Warehouse Sales

    published Dec 09, 2008

    Locally designed and distributed EC Star never fails to please with its ultra femme, ultra mod, little-(punk)-girl-grown-up designs. Head designer and Huntington Beach native Jen Johnson (whose name y... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Paul Frank & Modern Amusement Warehouse Sales

    published Dec 04, 2008

    For some reason, just about every (Costa Mesa-based) clothing company is having their bi-annual warehouse sales this weekend. Paul Frank Industries and Modern Amusement will be combining their warehou... More >>

  • [Trendzilla] Chinese Foot Spas

    published December 4, 2008

    There are tons of fancy-pants spas in Orange County—but now probably isn’t the greatest time to indulge in such a thing.I... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Obey and RVCA Warehouse Sales!

    published Dec 02, 2008

    We don't get too many (good) sample/warehouse sales around these parts, so prepare yourselves: It's time again for RVCA and OBEY's respective giant holiday sample sales. Starting this Friday, the ma... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Hearts and Laserbeams Sale!

    published Dec 01, 2008

    It's Cyber Monday! That means you can get all the great deals of Black Friday today--and with all the comforts of shopping online. Long Beach Craft Mafia member and local artist Steph Calvert is offer... More >>

  • The See & Sprout Project

    published Dec 01, 2008

    If your shiny new camera has permanently replaced your dust-collecting old digital  point-and-shoots, consider donating them to a  good cause while simultaneously supporting the arts. Founde... More >>

  • Sweat it Out

    published November 27, 2008

    Rim Morrison of the Barstow Boyz left a message on one of our machines not so long ago about this Thanksgiving weekend show. He made promises of... More >>

  • [Trendzilla] Chanel Jackets and Cheap Chic

    published November 27, 2008

    I know we’re in a tight spot right now. Massive layoffs are happening all around us. The auto industry’s about to implode (not that... More >>

  • [Feedback 2008] Musician Pat Visel Makes the Best Albums (Almost) No One's Heard

    published November 27, 2008

    Secret StashMusician Pat Visel makes the best albums (almost) no one’s heardBalboa Island is kind of a weird... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Etsy Local Crafters--Atomic Dog

    published Nov 25, 2008

    For the young or just young-at-heart on your holiday gift list, Irvine-based Etsy shop Atomic Dog (go ahead, sing the rest) has the perfect fun and inexpensive gifts or stocking stuffers in the shape... More >>

  • UC Irvine Professor and the "Sham of Sexual Harassment Seminars"

    published Nov 21, 2008

    We've all had to sit through some hour-long, mind-numbing sexual harassment training seminars before—what, asking if the carpet match the drapes is offensive?—but we've all done it. Because we hav... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Even More Sales

    published Nov 21, 2008

    Favorite Huntington Beach-based website,, has announced their Purple Friday sale with everything at 25% off with the coupon code: "the purps." Use your discount to finally get those de... More >>

  • Because You're Ugly: Citizens of Humanity Sample Sale

    published Nov 20, 2008

    Fan of pricey designer denim? This Saturday and Sunday, Citizens of Humanity will be hosting their sample sale at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. The sale will feature over 15,000 items, including ... More >>

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