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  • 16 years ago | Theater

    Richard III at Sledgehammer

  • 17 years ago | Theater

    Any rebellious stage company must eventually tackle the patron saint of subversive theater, Sam Shepard. Idolized by young theater types, Shepard blends American archetypes—cowboys, drifters and outlaws—with a particularly rock & roll ...

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    With his program notes, director Matthew Wilder sets the tone for Sledgehammer Theatre's mounting of two Samuel Beckett one-acts, Krapp's Last Tape and Play: "Beckett is smarter than we are. He is tortured; he mocks life's expectations and doesn't...

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    Bless me and mine, oh, Father, and forgive me for what I must write about a play highlighting your bigness and not much else. Let us pray. God's Man in Texas is currently preaching its way through a run at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Any c...


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