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  • The Long Beach Q Film Fest

    published September 11, 2014

    The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach has presented the Q Film Festival since 1993, spotlighting the underrepresented cinema of people who, for most of... More >>

  • Diana Ross

    published September 11, 2014

    As the lead singer of the most successful American vocal group ever, Miss Ross really didn’t need to do anything else for the rest of her... More >>

  • West Coast Film Festival

    published August 28, 2014

    The West Coast Film Festival is back for its fourth year, offering a slew of vintage and modern classics, only one of which stars a person of... More >>

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

    published August 28, 2014

    Based on Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, this 1962 tear-jerker about a young girl coming of age in a southern town hot with... More >>

  • 15th Annual Elvis Festival

    published August 21, 2014

    Elvis Presley wasn’t very complicated. Even though he read books of philosophy and poetry, for the most part, he was a simple, down-home boy... More >>

  • The Terminator

    published August 14, 2014

    No one wanted to make The Terminator. Well, at least they didn’t want to let James Cameron, the screenplay’s writer, direct it.... More >>

  • OC Seafood Festival

    published August 7, 2014

    Strap on your plastic bib and get ready for some crabby cakes, a seafood extravaganza is afoot—or, aflipper. Yes, the festival for all... More >>

  • Back to the Future

    published July 31, 2014

    No, today is not the day that Marty McFly traveled to the future from 1985. He always travels in 30-year increments: 1955, 1985, 2015. Except when... More >>

  • Ghost the Musical

    published July 24, 2014

    Everyone can finally agree that the things that made Ghost the film a hit were the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody,”... More >>

  • Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

    published July 17, 2014

    Considered one of the treasures of cult moviedom, this Paul Reubens-Tim Burton-Danny Elfman schlock-and-awe campfest served as the launching pad... More >>

  • Movie Mondays: The Little Colonel

    published July 10, 2014

    There’s just no easy way to watch films set during the Civil War, especially those made prior to 1945. The depiction of African Americans... More >>

  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    published July 10, 2014

    Considered one of the world’s most beloved children’s storytellers, author Roald Dahl may have disowned this cinematic version of his... More >>

  • Sullivan & Kyle's Vaudeville Revue

    published June 26, 2014

    The last vaudeville performers and patrons have long since departed, and since moving-picture cameras weren’t widely used until the early... More >>

  • In the Heights

    published June 26, 2014

    Even though critics panned the book (meaning the script, for ya non-theatrical types), a rousing dose of love was showered on the score of this... More >>

  • Yadi Presents Gotham Vixens Burlesque

    published June 19, 2014

    Lady comic book superheroes, anti-heroes and villains have been around since 1940, beginning with Fantomah, an ancient, ageless, beautiful blonde... More >>

  • Cowboy Junkies

    published June 12, 2014

    When Canadian alt folk rock band the Cowboy Junkies released their cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane” in 1988... More >>

  • 'Transcending Trash: The Art of Upcycling'

    published June 5, 2014

    Upcycling was first discussed by Reiner Pilz in 1994, and is considered a much more effective conservation effort than recycling (or... More >>

  • The Amy Winehouse Experience

    published May 29, 2014

    It all started with Beatlemania. Then Which One’s Pink?, Dred Zepplin and the list goes on—though it’s hard to top The Iron... More >>

  • "Cat Cult" Exhibit

    published May 22, 2014

    Because cats. There’s really nothing else you need to know, of course—you either cat, or you don’t cat. And if you cat, you are... More >>

  • Phantom of the Paradise

    published May 15, 2014

    Writer-director Brian De Palma’s 1974 box office flop—a hybrid of Phantom of the Opera, Faust and The Picture of Dorian Gray—is... More >>

  • Lady Jane’s Salon

    published May 8, 2014

    Move over, crime novel! The top-selling fiction genre in the US is romance—and don’t think that means the 50 Shades variety. Ladies... More >>

  • The Medical Marijuana Telethon

    published May 1, 2014

    In celebration of its 40th season—which is a triumph of artistic daredevilry and savvy business moves when it comes to small, independent... More >>

  • Tokyo Police Club

    published April 24, 2014

    Canada’s Tokyo Police Club is a super easy-feeling band. Generating melodic and hooky songs that are unthreatening in every way possible,... More >>

  • Sans Merci

    published April 17, 2014

    Johnna Adams’ play about the meeting between a young lesbian and the homophobic mother of her deceased girlfriend not only ushers in the... More >>

  • Grand Hotel

    published April 10, 2014

    Most modern audiences find this star-studded 1933 Best Picture-winner almost impossible to sit through, and yet, because of its cast and some... More >>

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