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  • A Fuller Life is a family affair, produced and directed by Samantha Fuller, in honor of her late father, Samuel Fuller, the great journalist-turned-filmmaker (Forty Guns, Pickup on South Street, The Naked Kiss). The documentary is...

  • Behaving Badly tries too hard to be stupid funny, ending up being more stupid than funny. An adaptation of Ric Browde's While I'm Dead...Feed the Dog, the film follows high school teen Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) pulling out all the...

  • Ringo Le's Big Gay Love is one of those films where the synopsis sounds far better than the actual product. Bob (Jonathan Lisecki) is woefully without his "big gay love" (a phrase you'll hear one instance too many in the 85-minute runtime)...

  • Perfect Sisters stumbles through a plot of moments haphazardly strung together that sounds absolutely unrealistic -- except that it's based on the true story of the Bathtub Girls, the case that rocked Toronto in 2004. Truth proves stranger...

  • It's Robert De Niro as we've seen him before: think The Big Wedding and Goodfellas (which, in the film, is given a shout-out alongside executive producer Martin Scorsese) but in the Witness Protection Program and joined by his...

  • 4 years ago

    Michael Cera is growing up. It may be hard to picture, as at one point it seemed as if baby-faced Cera could forever play the awkward teenage boy next door. But in the past few months, other than a recent return to his Arrested Development roots, ...


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