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  • 7 days ago | Long Beach Lunch

    Don’t let the paintings of sea turtles on the concrete trash cans outside or the full-wall photographic murals of the former Guatemalan capital inside fool you — Mi Antigua does not serve Central American food. To be fair, the little shack tucked ...

  • 13 days ago | Long Beach Lunch

    I can’t wait to age with dignity, if only so I can spend all day hanging out with my fellow mature homies at the Long Beach Senior Center, where access to necessary public services comes with two thrift stores, billiard tables, daily arts and craf...

  • 21 days ago | Long Beach Lunch

    My grandma always told me not to eat any food that was an unnatural color, which for most of my childhood eliminated the joy that comes with squeezing bright turquoise Go-Gurt out of a plastic tube or diving headfirst into a bag of multicolored so...

  • 27 days ago | Long Beach Lunch

    Every block in Long Beach seems to have its own classic burger stand, the kind of post-war place that once subsisted on selling cheeseburgers and fries that now pads its menu with everything from carne asada burritos to teriyaki bowls (often depen...

  • 1 month ago | Long Beach Lunch

    In the open-air “Roof Tap” area of Pine Avenue’s Bo-Beau, lunch feels like more an under-promoted day club than a traditional mid-may meal. For the last few months, the San Diego-transplanted, future-French Steampunk-inspired concept has been open...

  • 1 month ago | Long Beach Lunch

    To meat eaters, vegan restaurants are forever burdened with overcoming the flavorless stereotypes of most animal-free cooking. I know it sounds horrible, but sorry veganos, it’s true. The subtle beauty in texture approximations and wannabe meat ar...


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