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  • Urgent, Dire OctoMom News Update

    published Mar 17, 2009

    News reporters, news photographers, news helicopters, police cars and dozens and dozens of random (apparently bored) locals flocked to a La Habra neighborhood after 10 p.m. tonight, all to see OctoMom... More >>

  • Jury Awards $1.2 Million to abused Newport Beach Cop

    published Mar 17, 2009

    At 10:05 this morning in the lawsuit brought by Newport Beach Police Sgt. Neil Harvey against his department and the city, the clerk entered and said, "We have a verdict." All of the parties were pres... More >>

  • Matt Cunningham out as boss at OC's premier GOP blog?

    published Mar 16, 2009

    Yesterday, Orange Juice blog reported that Red County, the powerful center-right political blog, is now listing a new editor in chief: Chris Emami.True enough. The site does list Emami as the boss in ... More >>

  • Jury in Newport Beach cop discrimination suit seeks help

    published Mar 16, 2009

    At 3:45 p.m. today, Superior Court Judge Peter J. Polos huddled with lawyers for the City of Newport Beach and police sergeant Neil Harvey to decide how to answer a question sent in a handwritten note... More >>

  • Author Tells of Her Relationship with Killer Skylar Deleon

    published Mar 16, 2009

    "I sat down with a killer the other day," begins Tina Dirmann's feature in the March issue of Orange Coast. "Funny, I thought, how, up close the face of evil often doesn't look so very evil at all."Di... More >>

  • Orange County Republican exposes Communist China caper!

    published Mar 13, 2009

    Chuck DeVore, the Orange County Republican state assemblyman who is determined to challenge Barbara Boxer, one of California's two Democratic U.S. senators, in the 2010 election today alleged a conspi... More >>

  • Odd case of the Newport cop's sexuality goes to Jury

    published Mar 13, 2009

    During closing arguments today, the lawyer for a Newport Beach Police Department sergeant who claims he was denied a promotion to lieutenant because of rumors that he's a homosexual described the depa... More >>

  • OC's Dark Political Lord Wants to Expand Influence Where?

    OC's Dark Political Lord Wants to Expand Influence Where?

    published Mar 11, 2009

    Michael J. Schroeder, one of California's most effectiveRepublican Party operatives, has been telling me for months that he's finally tiring of politics and is eager for a new challenge--something mor... More >>

  • Testimony in Newport Cop Sexual Harassment Case Finishes

    published Mar 11, 2009

    In the sensational homosexual rumor/promotion discrimination case, lawyers for both the Newport Beach Police Department and Sgt. Neil Harvey told an Orange County Superior Court judge this afternoon ... More >>

  • Lesson of the Day!

    published Mar 11, 2009

    Don't go to a sushi bar, drink wildly, get a promise written in Korean and in blood that your drinking partner will repay a loan of $170,000 and expect a judge to enforce the agreement.Poor Jinsoo Kim... More >>

  • [Moxley Confidential] Clint McCall Gets His Man, Again

    published March 12, 2009

    McCall Gets His Man, AgainThe district attorney’s investigator takes the long view when it comes to tracking down... More >>

  • Judge Steiner?

    published Mar 10, 2009

    Law enforcement here has a history of demonizing the victims of hate crimes, especially those who are gay. But though Scott Steiner is an Orange County deputy district attorney, and a conservat... More >>

  • Head Investigator for DA Canned?

    published Mar 09, 2009

    In a startling personnel development, Don Blankenship--the longtime head of the Bureau of Investigation at the Orange County District Attorney's office has been forced to take "extended leave" and "is... More >>

  • OC Register Scoop Paints Ex-Newport Beach Cop Boss As Neanderthal

    published Mar 07, 2009

    You know it's painful for me to admit when ex-Sheriff Mike Carona was probably right, but here's one of those moments. While sheriff (and a year before his conviction for attempting to sabotage a fede... More >>

  • Court Slaps Little Saigon Red-Baiter

    published Mar 03, 2009

    The decades-old Little Saigon sport of falsely labeling a fellow Vietnamese immigrant "a Communist" if that person doesn't share your right-wing politics now finally has consequences. Just ask Sinh Cu... More >>

  • OC Union and Democratic Activists Call County Board Shameful

    OC Union and Democratic Activists Call County Board Shameful

    published Mar 03, 2009

    Spirited Orange County union and Democratic Party officials gathered this morning outside the county's Hall of Administration to protest the Board of Supervisors' firing of more than 200 Social Servic... More >>

  • An Orange County with Two Democratic Congress Members?

    published Mar 01, 2009

    Make room, Loretta Sanchez? reported today that serious efforts are underway to elect not just Orange County's second Democrat to Congress but also its second female Democrat. Dan Chm... More >>

  • Citizen of the Week!

    Citizen of the Week!

    published Feb 25, 2009

    The sadomasochistic onetime X-Files actor (1), who shoved a hot crack cocaine pipe inside a south Orange County woman's vagina because he believed she worked for the devil, recently placed an ad in L... More >>

  • [Moxley Confidential] Times are Tight

    published February 26, 2009

    Times are TightAnd here’s what OC’s Board of Supervisors has been doing with its loose change for the past few... More >>

  • You, Norberto Santana, Put Lives in Danger

    published Feb 23, 2009

    Tom Mauk (pictured--in a foul mood--entering the Hall of Administration parking garage recently) apparently isn't shy about committing an ugly social faux pas.The unelected head of Orange County's mul... More >>

  • Is OC's Political Dark Lord on the Run?

    published Feb 20, 2009

    Spotted Michael J. Schroeder--the black Hummer driving dark lord of Orange County Republican politics--in public lately? Legal process servers certainly haven't and they're a bit frustrated. They've b... More >>

  • How Much is Raping a Kid Worth?

    published Feb 19, 2009

    Orange County resident Robert J. Leek repeatedly molested a 12-year-old boy for almost three years but, despite his disgraceful, 12-felony-count conduct and the awful impact on the victim, he was give... More >>

  • [Moxley Confidential] DA Tony Rackauckas Wins Civil Suit, Does Not Cry

    published February 12, 2009

    Rackauckas UnboundAfter winning a civil suit, the normally stoic DA puts his head down and sobs uncontrollably . . . oh, wait, that... More >>

  • Jury in Civil Case Finds For DA Rackauckas

    published Feb 09, 2009

    Tony Rackauckas' first term in office as district attorney beginning in 1999 wasn't dissimilar to Bill Clinton's initial rocky months in the White House. Both men found themselves surrounded by unfrie... More >>

  • [Moxley Confidential] Dr. George Kooshian to Plead Guilty to Charging Big Bucks for Bogus Injections

    published February 5, 2009

    Judgment Day for Dr. KNearly eight years after the Weekly exposed his fraud, Dr. George Kooshian is scheduled to plead... More >>

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