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  • Sunday's Headlines & Surprises

    published Jul 15, 2007

    John Wayne and the Grey, er, Wild Goose: Greg Aragon reports that John Wayne's 1942 yacht, Wild Goose, remains a work horse tour boat for Hornblower Cruises & Events in the area and that the long dea... More >>

  • Saturday's Headlines & Surprises

    published Jul 14, 2007

    Billionaire fires back on prostitute, drug claims!: Best story of the day goes to Kim Christiansen and E. Scott Reckard at the LA Times. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal broke allegations that Broa... More >>

  • Disneyland Tourist Crime Alert

    published Jul 13, 2007

    Don't be the amusement for a crook: As a public service to Disneyland's out-of-town visitors, we've compiled a summary of serious crimes committed in the city housing the "Happiest Place on Earth" for... More >>

  • Friday's Headlines & Surprises

    published Jul 13, 2007

    FBI targets one of OC's richest: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FBI served subpoenas at the Newport Coast home of Henry T. Nicholas III, ex-chairman of Irvine-based, electronics giant ... More >>

  • Thursday's Headlines & Surprises

    published Jul 12, 2007

    Best medicine you can buy?: Last November, Dr. Prem Reddy—chairman of Prime Healthcare—gave $100,000 to the Oakland charter school created by Attorney General Jerry Brown and—shazam!—three mo... More >>

  • What is Really Happening in the Bus Strike?

    published Jul 11, 2007

    Chris Prevatt at has an interesting post today on the bus-driver strike. Prevatt slams Matt Cunningham at the conservative OCblog and the Register's Steven Greenhut for allegedly misr... More >>

  • OC Lawyer Tossed From CA Republican Bribery Case

    published Jul 11, 2007

    A federal judge in San Diego removed Mark Geragos from a sensational bribery case yesterday because the (in)famous Orange County-based defense lawyer refused to agree to a federal background check be... More >>

  • New CBS Game Show Wants OC Contestants

    published Jul 11, 2007

    Here's the advertisement: The executive producer of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and The World Series of Pop Culture is looking for contestants for Season 1 of a new, "groundbreaking game show" pre... More >>

  • Wednesday's Headlines & Surprises

    published Jul 11, 2007

    Build It & Hope They Come: The Register reports that Irvine has approved a 5-mile, $280 million street car/bus plan that will link the future Great Park to the Irvine Spectrum and a train station by ... More >>

  • White Supremacist Gangsters Guilty

    published Jul 10, 2007

    An Orange County jury of seven men and five women took nine days after a nine-week trial to convict two Public Enemy Number One Death Squad hoodlums for the 2002 murder of another gangster and the att... More >>

  • Register Readers Choking on Latino-Takeover Predictions

    published Jul 10, 2007

    Brian Joseph, the Register's Sacramento reporter, has an online story detailing predictions that "Hispanics will become Orange County's ethnic majority seven years earlier than previously projected, a... More >>

  • Tuesday's Headlines & Surprises

    published Jul 10, 2007

    Top U.S. Secrets to Crooks, Idiots and Dopers: The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C., reports this morning that the Pentagon, the guys running the Iraq War, now want Congress to allow national secur... More >>

  • Sunday's Headlines & Surprises

    published Jul 08, 2007

    “Luckiest Day of the Century!”: Jumped out of bed this morning, rushed to the online Vegas papers and expected to read all about our nation's newest millionaires who cashed in on 7-7-07. There ... More >>

  • Disneyland Tourist Crime Alert

    published Jul 07, 2007

    Yes, the famous theme park calls itself the "Happiest Place on Earth" and countless kids and adults love the place with good reason, but there's a dark side to the Disneyland area. As a public servic... More >>

  • Saturday's Headlines

    published Jul 07, 2007

    Bus Stop: Orange County Transportation bus drivers voted to strike this morning. KCBS/Channel 2 is reporting that 50 of 80 routes will lose service. You know what this means? Rich Newport Beach folks... More >>

  • OC's Choice for so-called Conservative, Efficient Government

    published Jul 04, 2007

    A site to ponder about OC favorite George W. Bush on this Fourth of July is here.... More >>

  • White Supremacists Jury Reaches Some Verdicts

    published Jul 02, 2007

    White supremacists Michael Lamb and Jason Rump must have sighed in relief this afternoon. Despite a week of deliberations following their nine-week trial, the panel hasn't been able to reach unanimous... More >>

  • Heard it in the Courthouse

    published Jun 26, 2007

    "Damn it! This is not a good sign." —OC defense lawyer who, before a court hearing, dropped her in-custody client's white button-down shirt in the street and watched as a pickup truck ran over it... More >>

  • Heard it in the Courthouse

    published Jun 22, 2007

    "But it's my word vs. the stinking pig." — Angry, twentysomething defendant with his lawyer in the Central Courthouse hallway awaiting trial, June 22, 2007 ... More >>

  • Rhyming Rackauckas!

    published Jun 05, 2007

    Who knew District Attorney Tony Rackauckas would resort to rhyme during an interview? But first let's gather 'round and hear Rackauckas on his R-rated Wild Kingdom, Orange County: "African dogs . . ... More >>

  • Little Saigon Film Director Wins Major Award

    published Jun 04, 2007

    Congratulations to Orange County-based film director Ham Tran. Judges at the AZN Asian Excellence Awards in Los Angeles recently named Tran's Journey from the Fall as the outstanding independent film ... More >>

  • Bad News for Ladies' Night at Clubs/Bars

    published Jun 01, 2007

    Yesterday, the California Supreme Court ruled that businesses charging one sex less for, say, entry or drinks cannot escape legal liability if the discriminated person fails to protest at the time. ... More >>

  • Conservative Bush pal calls for launch of WW4 with Iran bombing

    published May 31, 2007

    Dan Chmielewski at first noted this editorial in yesterday's Wall Street Journal: The Case for Bombing Iran I hope and pray that President Bush will do it. By Norman Podhoretz Accor... More >>

  • OC High School Principal Guilty of Weenie Whacking

    published May 31, 2007

    The Orange County district attorney's office reports this afternoon that former El Modena High School principal Brent Bailey has been convicted of masturbating in a Fullerton public park. Bailey, 56... More >>

  • Good Times At OC Defense Co.

    published May 30, 2007

    Thanks to the ongoing U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ceradyne, Inc.'s profits have skyrocketed. Late last month, the Costa Mesa-based company reported record first quarter sales of $188 million ... More >>

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