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  • We were driving along Highway 82 in Southern Arizona, looking for Swanson Road, on our way to visit Sonoita Vineyards and its surrounding wineries. The drive south from Tucson was surprisingly beautiful once we'd cleared the city: rolling hills of...

  • 7 months ago | Art

    In 1995, Paul DePersis walked into Five Feet Restaurant, and a lightbulb went off for his future wife. Casey was waitressing at the now-gone Laguna Beach eatery when Paul walked through the door, "wearing a full-length cashmere coat and silk scarf...

  • 2 years ago | Art

    When some of us were in elementary school, there were art classes. Once a week or so, your class would be lead by an art teacher in creating something with popsicle sticks, clay, paint or the holy grail of childhood art that is papier-mâch&e...

  • 3 years ago | OC Media

    The Orange County Press Club held its annual awards dinner at the Balboa Bay Resort last night, and as the Mexican himself would say, we slaughtered the Special Olympics. Once again, we dominated the awards portion of the evening -- as well as the...

  • 9 years ago | OC News

    With 7,100 Starbucks locations closing tonight at 5:30 for a three-hour, nationwide "training session," what's a coffee addict to do? There are dozens of local coffeehouses that should be cashing in and welcoming new costumers. A few worth a visit...

  • 9 years ago | OC News

    We get many, many books sent to the Weekly HQ, and most of the time, what winds up on my shelf is a mixed bag of fun diversions, crap, interesting concepts and more crap. But of the six books I read this month, there was no crap. It's like Christm...


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