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  • As they are every year, last Sunday's Grammys were full of surprises, letdowns, and simple WTF moments. Such moments spanned from James Hetfield’s mic malfunction to the blunder bringing you here today; Joy Villa’s arrival on the red carpet. In a ...

  • 2 months ago | Hip-Hop

    Young California, the statewide DJ collective, celebrated their 5th anniversary late into a November evening at Santa Ana’s Observatory planning on capping the show with a Tyga performance to send the alacritous crowd home on a high note. Forty mi...

  • 3 months ago | live review

    Rae Sremmurd The Observatory 11/16/2016 Rae Sremmurd is sitting on top of the world as you read this. Less than 48 hours ago, the Mississippi duo assumed legendary status as their latest hit “Black Beatles” hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Like vir...

  • 3 months ago | live review

    Post Malone The Observatory 11/7/2016 On the evening following ComplexCon’s esteemed conclusion, Post Malone stopped back in OC for the second to last stop on his Hollywood Dreams Tour. Along with Saint Jhn, Larry June, and Jazz Cartier, Post play...

  • 3 months ago | Music Festivals

    The first annual two-day expo ComplexCon rolled into the Long Beach Convention Center over the weekend, allowing hip-hop heads the opportunity to geek out on the sights and sounds of everything that crowds their Instagram feeds on a daily basis. W...

  • 4 months ago | Music Festivals

    Beach Goth The Observatory 10/22-23/2016 Saturday 2:11p.m. I can already tell these lines to get into The Observatory are going to be a pain in the ass…(Yvonne Villasenor) 3:32 This dude in front of me just took a fat puff off a blunt an...


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