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  • 4 years ago | Coachella

    After the music shuts down each night, thousands flock toward Coachella's taxi-stands, located at the end of the long, winding "yellow path" - a 20 minute walk from the polo fields. (As Jeff Weiss called it: The molly trail of tears.) Once you arr...

  • 4 years ago | Music News

    Courtesy of Whole Foods "Pile on that kale salad," sings Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes from the Whole Foods parking lot. The ad-libbed riff on his song "It's A Little Bit of Everything" draws a mannered whoop from the weekend afternoon crowd, who have...

  • 4 years ago | Music

    Sublime played their first gig on July 4, 1988, in Long Beach. A new live album, 3 Ring Circus: Live At the Palace—October 21, 1995, marks the occasion, growing the reggae-punk act's posthumous catalog to Tupac-like proportions. Though the o...

  • 5 years ago | Coachella

    The Coachella campgrounds are the Wild West of the festival. They are the sort of place you can imagine Hunter S. Thompson running around with his pants around his ankles. Drugs are more plentiful than food and going to bed before 4 a.m. is consid...

  • 5 years ago | Coachella

    This is, so far, the burning question of this Coachella, inescapable from the campsites to the press tent. Even though performance rumors stemming from a Vevo leak were officially squashed in Rolling Stone, many Coachellans aren't buying it. And l...

  • 5 years ago | Things To Do

    Twenty years ago this month, Sublime released their first album: 40oz. to Freedom. At that point drummer Floyd "Bud" Gaugh, bassist Eric Wilson and singer-songwriter Bradley Nowell were just three guys from Long Beach. No record deal, no tour, no ...


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