• @jobeers
    23 April, 2017

    15 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter https://t.co/dC58iJcs7x via @mashable

  • @jobeers
    10 January, 2017

    Ancient Chinese proverb says: He who shits on people likes to watch others pee on each other.

  • @jobeers
    26 December, 2016

    @Actorvist_keith Mr. Wallace, I'm interested in asking you a few Q's about your play at SCTFA. I am a reporter. Hit me back, please.

  • @jobeers
    16 November, 2016

    Fight back, resist and protest through your work. Less likely to be beaten up that way. https://t.co/3tiuKKbqYR

  • @jobeers
    8 November, 2016

    What an effing idiot. It was COUNTY!! https://t.co/8NHw2s9g9p


Joel Beers


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