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  • 6 days ago | Theater

    John Logan's play Red, set in 1958, is about abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko and a younger painter hired by Rothko to be his shop assistant shortly after Rothko gains a major commission to paint murals for the ritzy Four Seasons restaur...

  • 21 days ago | Culture

    Kid Koala had to write a book . . . about the technique of scratch deejaying. No problem, right? The Kid, born in 1974 as Eric San, knew his stuff, honing down the craft of turntablism since his first demo tape, recorded while attending college in...

  • 22 days ago | Theater

    Why are a bunch of La Habra High School students performing in an ambitious play in Fullerton’s most iconic building in a play steeped in history—warts and all—about the city of Fullerton? Blame OC Weekly. OK, maybe blame isn’t the right word. Let...

  • 27 days ago | Theater

    If you were born a man, as defined by the lofty scientific definition of being yanked out of mommy equipped with a rooster and a pair of peanuts, one possible thought drifting through your mind about 10 minutes into The Madwoman In the Volvo might...

  • 1 month ago | Culture

    How's this for a witty and erudite introduction to our 2016 theater preview: Here are the shows on local boards we're most looking forward to this year. They may not be the best productions, but on paper (or at least on websites), they all seem as...

  • 2 months ago | Culture

    Nothing screams Christmas more than dueling pianos. So, for the 2015 installment of the OC Weekly Holiday Theater Round-Up, we have invited two ferociously talented pianists to chime in on what song would be the theme if every holiday play going u...


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