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  • 13 years ago | Albums

    File Under: Hip-Hop, Weirdoes on the Mic Viktor Vaughn Venomous Villain Insomniac Music Since his original group KMD dissolved following the death of his brother, British-born rapper/producer Daniel Dumile has kept it real—real weird. Starti...

  • 15 years ago | Albums

    ANDRE AFRAM ASMAR RACE TO THE BOTTOM MUSH RECORDS LA mixologist Asmar calls his Race to the Bottom a "soundtrack to life," but post-Sept. 11 xenophobia could limit his audience (especially with the Arabic script that adorns the cover). If you're o...

  • 15 years ago | Concerts

    AM RADIO CHAIN REACTION, ANAHEIM SUNDAY, JAN. 26 So, mixed in among the unsolicited CD-ROMs of bands doing Pennywise-by-numbers punk and the misspelled press releases that we usually get (thanks, Fairview!) was something a little unusual: a letter...

  • 15 years ago | Albums

    COUNT THE STARS NEVER BE TAKEN ALIVE VICTORY What first caught my ear with Count the Stars was the detail in which they extract their inspirations from both the Smiths and Cave In. Yet I'm not really hearing their alleged "emo bits" here, thankful...


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