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  • Dana Point Winter Festival

    published December 6, 2012

    Is nuthin'  sacred? First,  some Harvard Divinity School dame  finds written evidence that Jesus  (maybe) had a wife. And now... More >>

  • Plaid Tidings

    published November 21, 2012

    It's a back-from-the-dead success story that  frankly puts that  whole  Easter Sunday thing in the shade. Four  guys in a... More >>

  • Asia

    published November 8, 2012

    Three pimply 17-year-olds with 12 chords between them, this ain't (and never was). The current lineup of British supergroup Asia features some... More >>

  • Boo at the Zoo!

    published October 25, 2012

    George Carlin had only one issue with airplanes. "I don't wanna get on them," he said. "Let Evel fuckin' Knievel get on them. I wanna get in... More >>

  • Seussical

    published August 16, 2012

    Dr. Seuss was our kinda guy. Busted for hosting a gin party in his room at Dartmouth in the '20s, Theodor Geisel was banned from all... More >>

  • Dana Point Summer Concert and Benefit

    published July 12, 2012

    You wanna channel a rock god? Sure helps if you not only sound like the guy, but sorta look like him and play the hell out of the same mutant... More >>

  • Kansas City Barbecue Competition

    published June 28, 2012

    The ultimate road trip? How does barbecue, beer and live bands sound? (No shit, beats the crap out of quilting conventions.) Cruise around this... More >>

  • Dana Point Lobster Fest

    published June 21, 2012

    Louis Lepe knows how to, uh, rock lobster. He’s also a wizard at jazzing up steak and just about anything else your heart and taste buds... More >>

  • Burn This

    published June 14, 2012

    In the 1987 hit Broadway and London runs, the ever-edgy John Malkovich scorched. Little wonder, with lines such as: “I mean no personal... More >>

  • ScotsFest 2012

    published May 24, 2012

    A Highland Fling is not a quickie in the heather with Heather. Please try to remember that if you’re feeling all frisky after scoping out... More >>

  • Doheny Blues Festival

    published May 17, 2012

    Full disclosure: We’re jealous as fuck of Gregg Allman for two reasons. No. 1: At Fillmore East. No. 2: Cher. The man was enjoying her dark,... More >>

  • Dana Point Grand Prix of Cycling

    published May 3, 2012

    Religious experiences Dana Point is gonna have to keep waiting for: Jesus walking across the harbor, Noah’s long-lost ark washing ashore... More >>

  • Artisan Food & Arts Festival

    published April 26, 2012

    Ralphs can kiss our butt. Vons, Albertsons and Stater Bros.? Bite it! Starting tomorrow, we’re goin’ all Little House on the Prairie.... More >>

  • California Wine Festival

    published April 19, 2012

    We haven’t seen a lineup as impressive as this since 1972. That’s when Larry Csonka was leaving bruises, blood and cleat marks on... More >>

  • The Big Band Swing Thing

    published March 22, 2012

    Who was Cab Calloway? No? Okay, an easier one. John Birks Gillespie’s nickname? What?! You cannot be serious! Okay, a gimme, as we... More >>

  • Festival of Whales

    published March 8, 2012

    We slightly misconstrued the offer, okay? “Wanna preview the Festival of Wales?” got us all excited thinking about a week in Cardiff... More >>

  • Taste of San Juan

    published February 9, 2012

    The last time we requested three main courses piled onto the same plate, we were briskly ejected from one of the classier joints in South County.... More >>

  • The Joy of Tea

    published January 26, 2012

    Excuse the hell out of us, but when we hear about large, fragrant leaves compressed into bricks that become more flavorful, complex and mellow, we... More >>

  • Capitol Steps

    published January 12, 2012

    Sometimes it’s just too easy: politick (verb; to engage in or discuss politics), from “poli” in Latin meaning... More >>

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