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  • 17 years ago | Theater

    Twelfth Night at Globe

  • 17 years ago | Theater

    What began life as a Freudian examination of marriage and voyeurism instead becomes a standard-issue romance—as if anybody might try seducing his own wife in disguise as way to enhance his marriage. Still, even with a wimpy second act, the W...

  • 17 years ago | Theater

    "War is hell." Check. "War is especially hell on the survivors." Got it. "War is particularly hellacious on the female survivors because they would have had the smarts not to get involved in such a harebrained endeavor in the first place." Right. ...

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    In spinning Federico Garcia Lorca's tale of a union that isn't meant to be, director Mark Wing-Davey doesn't quite bathe the stage in blood, but given the general air of doom, revenge and retribution, you get the sense he should. Get an earful of ...


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