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  • Zero Zero

    published May 9, 2013

    Arizona’s Love Me Nots have been hammering away at their own Rezillos-esque pop-punk-garage for a good few years now, but last year half the... More >>

  • Patton Oswalt

    published May 2, 2013

    We’d say Patton Oswalt is the Jonathen Lethem of comedy right now, but we like Oswalt better than Lethem—he’s a polymath for the... More >>

  • The Scream Contest

    published April 18, 2013

    Hollerin’ is a grand American tradition—isn’t yelling super-loud the first thing protected in the bill of rights?—and... More >>

  • The Make-Up

    published April 11, 2013

    The Make-Up’s frontman Ian Svenonius applies Kim Fowley-ian acumen to a Julian Cope-ian command of global music history and sings in bands... More >>

  • Merle Haggard

    published April 4, 2013

    Let’s just cut right to some of the brightest news so far in 2013: Merle Haggard just got an honorary doctorate from Cal State University... More >>

  • Air Dubai

    published March 28, 2013

    Denver’s Air Dubai grew their emphatically hooky version of Flobots or Gym Class Heroes-style hip-hoppy radio pop from Macbook demos to an... More >>

  • Burgerama Day 1

    published March 21, 2013

    So two weeks ago Burger basically took over the world—did you miss the Burger Revolution on March 8? With coordinated shows all over planet... More >>

  • La Boite Funk (Musique Nonstop)

    published March 14, 2013

    Modern Disco Ambassadors like to call their new La Boite Funk night “dance floor therapy”—and when you’re lining up deeply... More >>

  • The Vespertines

    published March 14, 2013

    Long Beach’s Vespertines do prickly prog-psych in a way that teaches you to expect the unexpected—and to expect the introspective, the... More >>

  • Green Day

    published March 7, 2013

    During the last six months, Green Day released one full-length album with a portrait of each band member on the cover—take that, Kiss circa... More >>

  • The Groves Antique Market

    published February 28, 2013

    Digging for treasure at the antique swap is like digging for treasure anywhere else—the first person to break ground gets the good stuff,... More >>

  • Method Man

    published February 28, 2013

    Wu Tang are gonna play Coachella, so maybe this comparatively intimate evening with the M.E.T.H.O.D. Man is your last chance for months to see the... More >>

  • Blackfeet Braves

    published February 28, 2013

    LA band Blackfeet Braves have just released a full-length on local label Lollipop, and it's 12 tracks of Standells/Seeds-style garage that really... More >>

  • CJ Ramone

    published February 21, 2013

    CJ Ramone is the former Marine who took over for bassist Dee Dee Ramone during that last zig-zaggy seven years of what was basically the... More >>

  • Ramona Falls

    published February 21, 2013

    Brent Knopf was the polymath co-founder of Portland’s Menomena, the impressively (or was that intimidatingly?) creative band that would... More >>

  • Harlem Globetrotters

    published February 14, 2013

    The Harlem Globetrotters are some gutsy guys—saving the gang from ghost pirates in Scooby Doo, saving the universe from temporal dissolution... More >>

  • The Hives

    published February 14, 2013

    Rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t need saving, but it can always use another shot of adrenalin. That’s where the Hives come in. Their... More >>

  • Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival

    published February 7, 2013

    Once a year, the shops and sidewalks of Long Beach’s Belmont Shore are stacked with even more sweet treats than usual. So welcome... More >>

  • Nashville Pussy

    published January 31, 2013

    “Born to die in a rock ‘n’ roll band!” says title track on Nashville Pussy’s redone From Hell To Texas, and you know... More >>

  • Fathers and Suns

    published January 31, 2013

    Long Beach band Fathers and Suns are trying to match Van Morrison’s looseness with the Grateful Dead’s laid-back-ness, which means... More >>

  • Deke’s 10th And Final Guitar Geek Festival

    published January 24, 2013

    Man, if ever there was a ‘Quick! No time to explain!” situation. OC rock ‘n’ roll stalwart Deke Dickerson is concluding... More >>

  • Free the Robots

    published January 24, 2013

    Free The Robots founder (and Crosby impresario) Chris Alfaro is one of the most agile and idiosyncratic beatmakers in greater LA—he’s... More >>

  • Biceratops

    published January 17, 2013

    RX Bandits members Matt Embree and Weekly pal C-Gak—that’s drummer Chris Tsagakis, not to be confused with a certain... More >>

  • Clint Black

    published January 17, 2013

    Clint Black is such a maniac—he’s probably the only person on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to get a Monty Python song out on a major... More >>

  • Los Lobos

    published January 10, 2013

    Los Lobos may be an LA institution by now, but every so often—well, more often than not—they like to do something a little different.... More >>

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