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  • Walk Tall

    published December 25, 2008

    We wait all year for those special seasonal treats—though we’ll happily eat absolutely anything you can make from sweet potatoes all... More >>

  • Dancing Snow Shoes

    published December 18, 2008

    Christmas is lovely, isn’t it? But if you’re anything like us, you enjoy the fam, some eats, a few days off, but then you’re ready... More >>

  • Mission San Juan Capistrano Garden Tours

    published December 11, 2008

    Once again, let us praise the merits of living in Orange County during the winter months. You get to see the sun year round, which means you have... More >>

  • Shomer Shabbos

    published December 4, 2008

    Upon first viewing, the genius Coen brothers’ film The Big Lebowski may seem as sprawling and pointless as Los Angeles itself. But... More >>

  • 'Masters of Adornment: The Miao People of China'

    published December 4, 2008

    The title of the exhibit kind of says it all. The Miao are a cultural group that come primarily from southern China, and they really put some... More >>

  • Going Green

    published November 27, 2008

    Caid mille failte! St. Patty’s day is great and all—if you like drunk and obnoxious (American) jocks and green beer barf on your shoes.... More >>

  • Zuzu's Petals

    published November 27, 2008

    Before the Christmas onslaught begins—the shopping, the parties, the rushing around, the (more) parties, the traveling, the endless cries of... More >>

  • Mind Blown

    published November 27, 2008

    Holy trifecta of great music! Continuing its quest to be more and more rad, the fair city of Long Beach will host an incredible and rare show... More >>

  • Hey Hermano

    published November 27, 2008

    Originally from Puerto Rico and educated at the Chicago Art Institute, Arnaldo Roche brings to the Museum of Latin American Art his densely... More >>

  • They're Professionals

    published November 20, 2008

    Verily I say unto thee that once was born an octopus in the form of a human child. His name was Coady and, with his ability to summon the power of... More >>

  • Going in Circles

    published November 6, 2008

    Okay, follow us here. Artist Richard Turner had an idea that started with the film Contempt, Jean-Luc Godard’s quietly devastating... More >>

  • Guess Whose Coming?

    published November 6, 2008

    Rounding out a great year of deliciously varied theater, STAGES mounts The Dinner Party. A cast of six characters are brought together for... More >>

  • Wild Palms

    published November 6, 2008

    An exhausting election year, home foreclosures, rising unemployment, the economy in a downward spiral—why go on? The only salvation left,... More >>

  • This Year's Model

    published October 23, 2008

    As the first decade of the twenty-first century slinks its way out of the party in shame, it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic for the... More >>

  • Tustin Farmers' Market

    published October 9, 2008

    Although temperatures here in Southern California are still generally pretty fair and mild despite it being technically winter, nature (and... More >>

  • Ch-ch-ch-Changes

    published October 9, 2008

    Nestled between Portfolio—one of Long Beach’s finest spots for coffee—and the myriad of vintage/tchotchke shops on Fourth Street,... More >>

  • In a China Shop

    published July 31, 2008

    Following the critical success of Taxi Driver, a manic bout of cocaine abuse, and his salvation by Robert DeNiro (his friend and the... More >>

  • Pointe It Out

    published July 31, 2008

    The American Ballet Theater, based in New York city, is by and large one of the most reputable, daring, and classically trained ballet... More >>

  • Bike and Hike

    published July 31, 2008

    We know the troublesome stresses of our modern life well. The traffic, the gas prices, the flailing economy, the mortgage, your insufferably... More >>

  • Tyke Hike

    published July 24, 2008

    Send your kid to Asia. No, don't actually send them there-you know you'd kind of miss them after a few days. Instead, take them to the Bowers... More >>

  • Totally Righteous

    published July 10, 2008

    Holy trifecta of classic rock! Journey are playing with Heart and Cheap Trick? Now that is a lineup that would give Mike Damone the vapors.... More >>

  • Ferrante the Grouch

    published July 3, 2008

    The Marx Brothers remain one of the most brilliant comedy teams of all time. Coming out of vaudeville, the Brothers were as adept at... More >>

  • Constructive Play

    published June 5, 2008

    Nobody realizes how cool it is to be a kid until they aren’t one anymore. To wit: the arrival at the perpetually innovative and creative... More >>

  • Mr. Mister Miyagi

    published June 5, 2008

    What could be more fun than sitting in an enclosed, private room and singing at the top of your lungs with your friends, without shame or remorse?... More >>

  • Gonna Live Forever

    published May 29, 2008

    Knowing what you want to do with your talents at a young age is both a gift and a burden. The most a young artist can hope for is to be... More >>

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