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  • Spamalot

    published June 19, 2014

    It’s hard to imagine anyone improving on the 1975 comedy classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but somehow adding showgirls and musical... More >>

  • Tijuana No!

    published July 31, 2014

    Some people like ska for its silliness. Orange County has, at times, been so rife with ska bands of the silly variety, it's easy to forget that... More >>

  • C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce

    published July 17, 2014

    If you liked what CS Lewis did with the land of Narnia, you'll probably get a kick from how he handled heaven and hell. Described as a... More >>

  • Absolutely Filthy

    published June 5, 2014

    Imagine a world where your favorite Peanuts characters grow up, sell out, then reunite at Charlie Brown’s funeral. Don’t bother,... More >>

  • Dinner with Friends

    published May 8, 2014

    It’s not a horror story, but the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Dinner with Friends deals with some scary stuff—namely, the facing of... More >>

  • The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary

    published May 1, 2014

    The narration may have been corny, and the board shorts relatively skimpy by today’s standards, but Bruce Brown’s epic film, The... More >>

  • King Lear or Survivor—Tragedy in The Age of Oprah

    published April 24, 2014

    With William Shakespeare theoretically turning 450 this week, the Long Beach Shakespeare Company is girding its loins for celebration. Declaring... More >>

  • The Cold and Lovely Go From Smashing Pumpkins to Jamming on Their Own Ideas

    The Cold and Lovely Go From Smashing Pumpkins to Jamming on Their Own Ideas

    published Apr 23, 2014

    It's not everyday a feral plebeian such as myself gets to talk to a Smashing Pumpkin. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to chat with SP bassist Nicole Fiorentino, who along with singer-songwrite... More >>

  • San Clemente Garden Club’s Garden Fest

    published April 10, 2014

    It’s springtime, folks, and that means one thing—growth. Obviously, it’s great if during the season you plan on tending to the... More >>

  • Fragile Thing Cracks

    published March 27, 2014

    Believe it or not, playwright Ben Jolivet was inspired by the music of Fall Out Boy when penning the play Fragile Thing Cracks. Though he says... More >>

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    published March 13, 2014

    When enjoying the simple love story of Romeo and Juliet, it’s easy to forget just how convoluted Shakespeare can get. To witness the... More >>

  • Sunset Blvd.

    published March 6, 2014

    Head down to the Regency South Coast Village for a special screening of one of the crown jewels of the noir genre, Sunset Blvd. The film follows... More >>


    Wheelin' Toward Fame: Jason Whipple

    published March 13, 2014

    Jason Whipple grabs a shiny, 20-inch, golden wheel from one of the shelves stacked with car wheels that towers above him. Futuristic-looking,... More >>

  • OC Music Awards - City National Grove of Anaheim - March 8, 2014

    OC Music Awards - City National Grove of Anaheim - March 8, 2014

    published Mar 10, 2014

    The OCMA Awards Show 3/8/2014 City National Grove of Anaheim If you've followed our coverage of the Orange County Music Awards shows in the past, you know we're always on the lookout for the evenings... More >>

  • Charles Phoenix Retro Disneyland Slideshow: Dapper Day Edition

    published February 20, 2014

    Try imagining the Disneyland of yesteryear—a mid-century wonderland designed for Americans who didn’t need motorized scooters to walk... More >>

  • OCMA Best Live Band Finals - The Observatory - February 25, 2014

    OCMA Best Live Band Finals - The Observatory - February 25, 2014

    published Feb 26, 2014

    OCMA Best Live Band Finals The Observatory February 25, 2014 With last night's concert for best live band drifting off into our memories, we bid farewell to another season of OCMA showcases. Unlike ... More >>

  • OC Water Officials: Save It While We Got it!

    published Feb 21, 2014

    While Californians pray for rain, the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) is asking residents and businesses to tighten up their water consumption. In order to help the request, the SoCa... More >>

  • Solar Energy Now Within the Grasp of the Average Homeowner

    published Feb 13, 2014

    For those who were interested in installing a home solar energy system but were turned off by the $20,000 price tag, brighter days may be ahead. This week, several Orange County cities began participa... More >>

  • "Evolution and Climate Change"

    published February 6, 2014

    It’s pathetic that after decades of solid research, scientists still have to defend the existence of evolution and climate change. While we... More >>

  • Coastal Commission to Review Permitting Process for Offshore Fracking

    published Feb 10, 2014

    A coalition of environmental groups, including the Surfrider Foundation, is calling for more oversight of offshore fracking. This latest call for oil industry transparency comes in advance of Wednesda... More >>

  • World's Worst Ska Competition

    published January 30, 2014

    The House of Blues is holding a world’s worst ska band competition—which makes sense, everybody knows ska sucks. We jest! Seriously... More >>

  • Internet Cat Video Film Festival

    published January 23, 2014

    The hierarchy of web content, starting from the bottom, is as follows: long-form journalism, soft news, conspiracy websites, porn, then a bunch of... More >>

  • NAMM 2014: Five Unusual Finds on the Showroom Floor

    published Jan 27, 2014

    If NAMM is a veritable candy store for musicians, this feral blogger spent the weekend looking for the black licorice--and I managed to find a few oddities on the convention floor. See also: Protes... More >>

  • Protesters Outside NAMM Urge Attendees to Boycott Guitar Center

    Protesters Outside NAMM Urge Attendees to Boycott Guitar Center

    published Jan 26, 2014

    A small group of protestors including punk rock icon Exene Cervenka gathered outside the Anaheim convention center Saturday urging NAMM attendees to boycott Guitar Center and instrument company KMC M... More >>

  • OCMA Showcase, Night 3 - Detroit Bar - January 21, 2014

    OCMA Showcase, Night 3 - Detroit Bar - January 21, 2014

    published Jan 22, 2014

    OCMA Showcase, Night 3 Detroit Bar 1/21/14 Last night's showcase of the OC Music Awards held at the soon-to-be-extinct Detroit Bar, saw a decent showing by the evening's talent--even if the sounds we... More >>

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