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  • 'London Calling' Exhibit

    published December 15, 2011

    Sorry Clash Fans, the Orange County Museum of Contemporary Art isn't exhuming the corpse of Joe Strummer for throngs of art ghouls to marvel at.... More >>

  • Neil Hamburger

    published December 29, 2011

    Oh, tacky post-holiday tradition, thy name is Burger. If bad jokes told with a distinct lack of timing are your bag, you'll definitely want to... More >>

  • Tiesto

    published December 29, 2011

    We heard that Dutchman and platter spinner extraordinaire Tiesto has issues with at least one Village Voice publication. We're not certain, but it... More >>

  • Rayford Brothers

    published December 22, 2011

    The Rayford Brothers are well versed in the language of Rockabilly—swingin' beats and face-melting leads. But coming through the swing with... More >>

  • California's Funniest Females

    published December 22, 2011

    Head down to the Brea Improv for a whole heap of comedy served up with a side of estrogen. We kid! But seriously, the evening features some... More >>

  • Scott Walker to Visit Scott Baugh, Occupy to Attend

    published Dec 29, 2011

    UPDATE DEC. 29, 7:30 P.M.: For those of you hoping Occupy activists at tonight's protest would have stormed the glass-encased offices of  Scott Baugh, kicked in the doors and found Wisconsin gove... More >>

  • Holiday Karaoke

    published December 22, 2011

    Christmas Eve is a time to be spent with if. Christmas Eve is a time to get blind stinking drunk with friends and carry the party... More >>

  • Slidebar Bans Weekly Writer Brandon Ferguson From Premises!

    published Dec 28, 2011

    ​For most drunks, there's nothing remarkable about getting banned from a downtown Fullerton bar. Shit, stroll along Harbor on Friday between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m., and you'll see sidewalk... More >>

  • Rapper Heavy D Cause of Death Revealed

    published Dec 27, 2011

    ​Multiple news outlets including are reporting that Dwight Myers, aka Heavy D died of natural causes. Officials with the Los Angeles Department of Coroner said the 44-year-old rapper died fr... More >>

  • Reel Big Fish

    published December 15, 2011

    Remember back in 1997 when Reel Big Fish made it into heavy radio rotation by singing about the joys of selling out? Of course you... More >>

  • Pinback

    published December 15, 2011

    With the release of a couple tunes this past Black Friday, it looks like Pinback is making good on its talk of a new album. Scheduled for release... More >>

  • Fullerton Has New Acting Police Chief: Dan Hughes

    Fullerton Has New Acting Police Chief: Dan Hughes

    published Dec 21, 2011

    ​Fullerton has a new acting police chief. KABC-TV-7 just reported that effective Jan. 3, Capt. Dan Hughes of the department's patrol division will replace current acting Chief Kevin Hamilton. Both m... More >>

  • Metalachi

    published December 15, 2011

    Metalachi has tapped into a gimmick so novel, it's amazing it's never been done before. Simply put, they cover metal songs from Guns N Roses to... More >>

  • [UPDATED: Occupy Irvine to End Encampment] Occupy Santa Ana Backs off Occupation

    [UPDATED: Occupy Irvine to End Encampment] Occupy Santa Ana Backs off Occupation

    published Dec 20, 2011

    UPDATE, DEC. 20, 5:07 P.M.:  And then there were none. A week after Occupy Santa Ana ended its formal occupation of the Civic Center, Occupy Irvine has decided to do the same. According to a... More >>

  • Naked and Famous

    published December 15, 2011

    If you've spent five minutes listening to alternative radio in recent weeks, you've no doubt heard The Naked and Famous. Their song "Young Blood"... More >>

  • Ha Ha Hanukkah

    published December 8, 2011

    Is there anything funnier than a Jew poking fun at himself? Not much. In the tradition of great Adam Sandler performances, the Brea Improv brings... More >>

  • Muddy Reds

    published December 8, 2011

    Sure they've got hip tattoos and occasionally wear sailor caps, but the Muddy Reds aren't your average hipster band. They play a competent blend... More >>

  • Scott Kelly

    published December 8, 2011

    Scott Kelly is best known for his work with metal band Neurosis. But his solo work draws on similar influences. Fuzzy, loud and with a gritty... More >>

  • Fullerton Police Crash Virgin Of Guadalupe Ceremony, Offer No Comment

    Fullerton Police Crash Virgin Of Guadalupe Ceremony, Offer No Comment

    published Dec 15, 2011

    ​Mary may be the mother of God, but the Fullerton Police don't  care. That's according to a local resident who said an annual neighborhood event to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mary's mestizo... More >>

  • Joy Shannon

    published December 8, 2011

    Though she rocks a harp, Joy Shannon is far removed from her indie contemporary Joanna Newsom. Forgoing the baby doll voice, Shannon sings with a... More >>

  • Matthew Embree

    published December 8, 2011

    Former Rx Bandit Matthew Embree is coming to Alex's Bar where he will delight audiences with his acoustic solo work. A bluesy noodler with a smoky... More >>

  • Slidebar Cafe Helps Homeless After Owner Previously Slammed Kelly Thomas

    Slidebar Cafe Helps Homeless After Owner Previously Slammed Kelly Thomas

    published Dec 14, 2011

    ​The Slidebar Rock N Roll Cafe is in the middle of a month-long food collection initiative aimed at aiding the Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services. Founded in 1975, FIES is a charitable collecti... More >>

  • She Wants Revenge

    published December 8, 2011

    Is that the sound of the 1980s reemerging from the mists of time? No, it's just the austere electronic dance sonics of She Wants Revenge. Rocking... More >>

  • James Intveld

    published November 24, 2011

    New to the smattering of jazz and blues venues in Long Beach and neighboring Orange County, we have Harvelle's. Though they're fresh to the area,... More >>

  • Burger Records Night

    published December 8, 2011

    It may be the season of giving, but there's nothing wrong with getting something in return for your kindness. This year, support your local... More >>

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