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  • Cuntsparrer opening for Dick Jerky

    published December 9, 2010

    If you're going to check out Dick Jerky or the Meka Leka Hi's, be sure to get to the Blue Cafe early to catch Cunt Sparrer. The band is comprised... More >>

  • Vox Merger

    published December 9, 2010

    Coming out of the Illament records corner we have Vox Merger, a multi-cultural rap duo from Los Angeles. Relatively new to the scene, these guys... More >>

  • Casablanca

    published December 9, 2010

    The 1942 opus directed by Michael Curtiz has plenty of elements necessary for spinning a great dramatic love story: Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid... More >>

  • A Strange Performance by Giant Drag's Annie Hardy at Detroit Bar Over the Weekend

    A Strange Performance by Giant Drag's Annie Hardy at Detroit Bar Over the Weekend

    published Dec 06, 2010

    ​Giant DragDec. 4, 2010Detroit Bar The first apology in this blog post comes straight from my heart. I didn't bring a camera to this gig because I didn't intend to cover it. I made the trek to Detro... More >>

  • Drink of the Week: Luck of the Leprechaun at Auld Irisher

    Drink of the Week: Luck of the Leprechaun at Auld Irisher

    published Dec 03, 2010

    ​First things first, we apologize for not bringing you a pumpkin martini or some other such seasonal concoction. But the Auld Irisher in Orange put  something tasty in front of our face, and we... More >>

  • Jonathan Richman

    published December 2, 2010

    Attention, all fans of 1970s proto-punk band the Modern Lovers: former member/guitarist/singer Jonathan Richman will be gracing the stage at... More >>

  • WTF of the Week: The Grammy Noms

    WTF of the Week: The Grammy Noms

    published Dec 02, 2010

    ​WTF:Despite the fact that the way the world listens to music has changed radically over the past decade, the Grammys ostensibly continue to reward bands based on a model en vogue 50 years ago. This... More >>

  • Narcoleptic Youth

    published December 2, 2010

    Featuring a raw sound and scratchy machine gun-paced vocals, Narcoleptic Youth represent the epitome of hardcore punk. Signed to Dr. Strange... More >>

  • The Ziggens

    published December 2, 2010

    The Ziggens. Eclectic punkers, former label mates of iconic ska band Sublime, and all-around comic geniuses. If you haven’t listened to... More >>

  • Sic Waiting

    published December 2, 2010

    This is a Sunday show perfect for getting out your rage at facing down another work week. Featuring headliner Sic Waiting,DiPiazza's will be host... More >>

  • El Jugueton Toy Drive

    published December 2, 2010

    Get your banda on and help some needy kids out for the holidays at the same time. The El Jugueton Toy Drive will benefit the Orange County-based... More >>

  • Copper Hollow

    published December 2, 2010

    Whether you're a fan of country music or not, you should give Copper Hollow a try. They're just the type of goo time band that pairs well with one... More >>

  • Chris McAmis, Accused of Murdering Lynsie Ekelund, Has New Arraignment Date

    published Nov 30, 2010

    ​Chris McAmis, accused of murdering Fullerton College student Lynsie Ekelund in 2001, this morning waived his right to a speedy arraignment at the Whittier Superior Courthouse. His arraignment was r... More >>

  • Victoria McGinnis

    published November 25, 2010

    Victoria McGinnis is one of those modern jazz singers who's a joy to watch. Not just because she has a beautiful high-register voice, but because... More >>

  • Dig

    published November 18, 2010

    Here's a hidden gem for all you grunge nostalgists. One-time MTV buzzworthy rock band Dig has a residency at Fullerton's own Back Alley Bar &... More >>

  • Danzig at the Grove Last Night

    Danzig at the Grove Last Night

    published Nov 22, 2010

    ​DanzigNov. 20, 2010The Grove of AnaheimWhether you're on team Misfits or team Danzig, you've got to admire Glenn Danzig's energy and presence after all these decades. Though his jet black, shoulder... More >>

  • Dimmu Borgir

    published November 25, 2010

    There must be something about winter in Norway that inspires the demonic-rock muses. Witness Oslo black-metal (not death-metal) band Dimmu Borgir.... More >>

  • Ray Bailey Trio

    published November 25, 2010

    As part an ongoing series of blues shows, Ray Bailey and his trio will perform on a paddle boat in Rainbow Harbor. With songs like "Satan's Horn"... More >>

  • Shemp

    published November 25, 2010

    Lots of bands like to cite Niravana as an influence. Whether Canadian trio Shemp do the same or not, they actually have the angsty Nirvana sounds... More >>

  • Mystic Knights of the Cobra

    published November 18, 2010

    With song titles like "Mutafuko's Revenge," and "Text Messaging Slut," it's sort of hard to take Bay Area punk band Mystic Knights of the Cobra... More >>

  • It's Causal, Broken Needle, G.F.P.

    published November 18, 2010

    This is one of those double whammy sort of affairs. First you have the opportunity to shred some concrete at the skate park, but as an added... More >>

  • Bell Stray

    published November 18, 2010

    When discussing Bell Stray one phrase pops out: Acquired taste. Joanna Newsome is an acquired taste too, but if you like her, you'll like Bell... More >>

  • The Bellhaunts

    published November 18, 2010

    Marrying the pop sounds of the 1950s with the edge of the '70s and '80s, The Bellhaunts produce psychobilly-infused punk rock tunes. And they come... More >>

  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles

    published November 18, 2010

    No discussion of 1980s cinematic comedy ever forgets John Hughes. Furthermore, no discussion of his films neglects the 1987 comedy Planes, Trains... More >>

  • WTF of the Week: Billy Corgan Hits the Pavement

    published Nov 17, 2010

    ​WTF?This week, self-aggrandizing rock god and head pumpkin in charge Billy Corgan slammed fellow '90s alternative band Pavement via Twitter  [via Pitchfork Media]. The two seminal groups ... More >>

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