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  • Samiam at Alex's Bar Last Night

    published Dec 30, 2010

    ​SamiamDec. 29, 2010Alex's BarLast night's show was a mindfuck of the best variety. Berkeley band Samiam have been playing a unique brand of pop punk since the late '80s, and they have experienced t... More >>

  • Champagne Blvd. CD Release

    published December 23, 2010

    Orange County’s hall of all-things-indie Detroit Bar hosts a release show for Huntington Beach’s Champagne Blvd. The band feature... More >>

  • Bitter End

    published December 30, 2010

    Aah, Jan. 2: A nice day to recover from the debauchery of New Year's. Of course, if you want work out some of the angries you may be experiencing... More >>

  • Pacific Hurt

    published December 30, 2010

    The Santa Ana indie band formally known as Aushua rock soaring vocals reminiscent of ’90s groups such as James and Travis, and the name... More >>

  • Atomic Punks

    published December 30, 2010

    All right, Van Halen fans, it's time to declare whether you're on Team Sammy or Team Dave. If it's the former, read no further. But if it's the... More >>

  • WTF Collaboration of the Day: Bieber With Beater

    WTF Collaboration of the Day: Bieber With "Beater"

    published Dec 27, 2010

    WTF? According to,  perennially pre-pubescent R&B twink Justin Bieber will be collaborating with admitted girlfriend-beater Chris Brown on an upcoming tune. Brown, who pleaded guilty ... More >>

  • An Interview with Aquabats Singer The MC Bat Commander

    An Interview with Aquabats Singer The MC Bat Commander

    published Dec 27, 2010

    ​After a five-year hiatus, the perennially goofy Orange County ska-punk band the Aquabats will be releasing a new album. Unless you've been living under a rock in the interim, you know lead singer M... More >>

  • A Very Goodfoot Christmas

    published December 23, 2010

    Aah Christmas night. After duking it out with your loved-ones and surviving another annual dinner filled with recrimination and the airing of... More >>

  • Charlie Sleeth

    published December 23, 2010

    Don't tell us that you've had all month to check out dynamic pianist and entertainer for hire Charlie Sleeth at the Seasons 52 in South Coast... More >>

  • Cubensis

    published December 23, 2010

    We all know what procrastinators hippies can be. And in the event that any of you dread-locked ragamuffins have yet to see Grateful Dead cover... More >>

  • Pato Banton

    published December 23, 2010

    Often the day after Christmas brings a case of the blues — a depression of the post-partum variety. Thank God for Pato Banton. The legendary... More >>

  • Neil Hamburger

    published December 23, 2010

    For those of you who haven't watched the Jimmy Kimmel show for the past few years, meet Neil Hamburger. Also known as Gregg Turkington, the... More >>

  • Lynsie Ekelund Remembered at Moving Service

    Lynsie Ekelund Remembered at Moving Service

    published Dec 18, 2010

    ​Almost two months after  Los Angeles County Coroner's officials removed the bones of missing Fullerton College student Lynsie Ekelund from a shallow grave in Santa Clarita, a memorial service ... More >>

  • Drink of the Week: San Clemente Cosmo

    published Dec 17, 2010

    ​Oftentimes when a bar creates a new alcoholic concoction, something goes horribly awry: either overzealous bartenders blend flavors that just don't work well together (think mint leaves and any num... More >>

  • The Vandals

    published December 16, 2010

    This holiday season, as with every before it, you’re faced with the same choice of holiday shows such as the Nutcracker or perhaps Santa on... More >>

  • WTF of the Week: Eminem Starring in Boxing Flick 'Southpaw'

    WTF of the Week: Eminem Starring in Boxing Flick 'Southpaw'

    published Dec 15, 2010

    ​WTF:To Eminem fans everywhere, I apologize  for socking it to him frequently as of late, but today  he's once again made himself the perfect clay pigeon for my editorial buck shot. Accord... More >>

  • Angry Samoans

    published December 16, 2010

    One of the originating pioneers of Los Angeles's first wave of punk rock, The Angry Samoans are true relics of the genre. Making a decades-long... More >>

  • (hed) P.E.

    published December 16, 2010

    For most of you laid back types who enjoy the mellow, smokey sounds of the Kottonmouth Kings, this writeup isn't for you. We'd like to take a... More >>

  • Anarbor

    published December 16, 2010

    Though they're playing at Chain Reaction and represent the pop punk variety of musician, Anarbor actually has some eclectic choppery to offer the... More >>

  • Quetzal Guerrero

    published December 16, 2010

    For those interested in giving their booties a vigorous workout, Quetzal Guerrero may be just the ticket. The uber talented eclectic Latin... More >>

  • Warpaint at the Troubadour Last Night

    published Dec 13, 2010

    ​Check out our slideshow here!WarpaintDecember 12, 2010The TroubadourDespite the few glitches in Warpaint's performance last night, one overriding truth emerged during their performance: These four ... More >>

  • The Companies

    published December 9, 2010

    Featuring a sound that ping pongs between the pop hooks of 80s bands such as the Cure and the Smiths, in combination with the haunting, maudlin... More >>

  • Inspector

    published December 9, 2010

    Hailing from Mexico is Inspector. A Latin vocal ska outfit with crisp upbeat guitar based sound and hooks a plenty. Dig their version of... More >>

  • Raul Malo

    published December 9, 2010

    With a smooth Hammond-backed rock sound and a smoldering, wavering voice reminiscent of a Latin Roy Orbison, Raul Malo will grace the stage at the... More >>

  • The Colourist

    published December 9, 2010

    If you looked at the kooky spelling of this band's name and deduced they were from Europe, you failed to factor in indie rock irony. The Colourist... More >>

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