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  • Last Night: the Reverend Horton Heat, House of Blues, Anaheim

    published Dec 31, 2009

    The Hype: If you've had a chance to pick up the Texas psychobilly pioneers' latest album, Laughin' & Cryin' With the Reverend Horton Heat, then you've probably noticed that for the most part, psy... More >>

  • The Humans

    published December 31, 2009

    On their MySpace page, U.K. band the Humans list the White Stripes among their influences. We don’t hear it. Bauhaus, maybe. Or perhaps a... More >>

  • Big D and the Kids' Table

    published December 10, 2009

    Many OC youths skanked their way through the ‘90s courtesy of the psuedo-reggae stylings of Ska’s third wave. For some, it was a... More >>

  • Metallica

    published December 3, 2009

    Despite producing musical atrocities for the past 15 years, Metallica can still hold their heads high (assuming decades of head banging... More >>

  • [Locals Only] DJ Frankie Alvaro Is in the Vanguard of Vintage

    published December 3, 2009

    Vintage Vanguard Like many artists, DJ Frankie Alvaro wears a number of hats. By day, he’s a master stylist... More >>

  • Experimental Music Concert #42

    published November 26, 2009

    This could be interesting. Bear in mind, we aren’t saying it won’t be a test of your aural endurance, but for those who have listened to... More >>

  • Last Night: A Fine Frenzy at the House of Blues

    published Nov 19, 2009

    ‚ÄčLast Night: A Fine Frenzy, Landon Pigg, Among the Oak & Ash at the House of Blues Anaheim; Nov. 18, 2009Better Than: Watching any one of a bevvy of vacuous female piano torch singers in today's... More >>

  • A Fine Frenzy

    published November 12, 2009

    In the grand tradition of alterna-fem-pop-siren-torch-songstresses comes A Fine Frenzy—or, actually, Alison Sudol, her piano, and a wealth of... More >>

  • Jail Weddings

    published November 5, 2009

    It seems some indie bands have found that the best way to get to fresh sonic territory is by seeking inspiration from the past—Fleet Foxes,... More >>

  • Owl City

    published October 15, 2009

    It’s impossible to listen Owl City without drawing comparisons to The Postal Service­—albeit ersatz comparisons. With City, the... More >>

  • Sunny Day Real Estate

    published October 8, 2009

    Emo was a four-letter word long before fucktards such as Pete Wentz permanently relegated the entire genre into Hot Topic oblivion. But if the... More >>

  • The Art of Vinyl

    published September 17, 2009

    Rumor has it that following a global nuclear exchange, the only things that will survive will be roaches, possibly rats—and probably... More >>

  • The Aquabats

    published September 10, 2009

    It’s odd to think that a band that has an extraterrestrial mythology and dons super-hero costumes when performing doesn’t elicit a... More >>

  • Mew

    published September 3, 2009

    Over the past ten years, Scandinavia has had a knack for yielding musically bold bands. Specifically, it has produced groups with an uncanny... More >>

  • Fun

    published August 27, 2009

    With a nation of Americans still shell-shocked by recession and striving toward simplicity, it seems ironic that New York band Fun, with such a... More >>

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