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  • Pocket-Change Pregnancy

    published November 26, 2015

    You're the guy—white, mid-20s, scruffy, Sears poncho, eau de Brookhurst—who mumbled something as I was walking into Target the... More >>

  • Thanks for Clearing the Air

    published November 19, 2015

    You were the two teenaged smokers leaning against the car parked next to mine. As I exited the Ralphs on Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton a few... More >>

  • Nice Teeth

    published November 12, 2015

    You were the beautiful, handsome male stranger with lovely teeth and a husky. We met briefly months ago at dog beach and chit-chatted about... More >>

  • Gorilla Flotilla

    published November 5, 2015

    You were the road ragers who followed a single, senior woman from Seal Beach into Long Beach until I pulled into a gas station to... More >>

  • Infernally Ragless

    published October 22, 2015

    Hey, you voracious OC Weekly readers in Old Towne Orange! It was only Saturday morning, and I went to four different newspaper boxes in... More >>

  • You Blow at Driving

    published October 15, 2015

    Kudos to you, landscaping guy. You were brilliant to mount your industrial-size leaf blower on the utility box behind the cab of your... More >>

  • Nice Hat

    published October 8, 2015

    You were the wonderful young couple who came up and thanked my 87-year-old father for his military service while we were at BJ's in... More >>

  • Ankle Blues

    published October 1, 2015

    You were the bedraggled-looking blond woman who has been begging for change in the middle of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and... More >>

  • Car Chase

    published September 24, 2015

    You are the dickless coward who sped up and got in front of us on Barranca in Irvine on Tuesday night. I guess we were going too slow for your... More >>

  • Exit Strategy

    published September 17, 2015

    You stumbled up to my friend and I while we were having a quiet drink at the Velvet Lounge and asked if you could sit with us. You were wasted,... More >>

  • Stupid Human Pet Tricks

    published September 10, 2015

    I was sitting outside a new Japanese-based store in Fullerton when you pulled up. I heard you tell your pet, "I won't be long," then watched as... More >>

  • Dumb Duffer

    published September 3, 2015

    You are the golfer who was perched at the side of the road, about to drive a ball back in the general direction of the golf course. The problem... More >>

  • Good Neighbor

    published August 20, 2015

    After the latest crash in front of my place, it became clear it was more serious than usual: The elderly guy whose SUV hit the car that pulled... More >>

  • Standing Room Only

    published August 13, 2015

    You were the two gringas who relish being bullies and ladrones to boot. Saturday night in Laguna Beach, at a popular... More >>

  • Old Sign of the Cross

    published August 6, 2015

    Had I been alone, I likely would have walked over to have a little chat about what that flag really represents—and no, it's not heritage.... More >>

  • Stuck In the Middle With You

    published July 30, 2015

    You are the woman who was at the ARCO gas station on Katella Avenue in Stanton at about 6 p.m. a few weeks ago. There were three pumps with the... More >>

  • Sprouts

    published July 23, 2015

    You are the shit-hill hippie dude wearing the Sprouts employee shirt who was coming out of the Surf City Collective Building around 3:30 p.m.... More >>

  • Brit Twit

    published July 16, 2015

    You are the self-centered, cowardly British douche I met through an online dating site. Our conversations had been decent, and I thought we had... More >>

  • Nudge-nik

    published July 9, 2015

    You're the jerk who came into my work for dinner with your e-cig posse, racked your bill up to $70, and then, AFTER you closed out with me,... More >>

  • Spitting Mad

    published July 2, 2015

    If you are the person who was walking down Del Obispo Street in San Juan Capistrano with a headset on and carrying a laptop and crossing in a... More >>

  • Nice to Bump Me

    published June 25, 2015

    You are the person who backed her parked car out of its space and right into my rear bumper. I was in the building at the time and didn't see... More >>

  • Birth Brains

    published June 18, 2015

    You are the group of arrogant, gray-haired, old, white coots congregated at the Dana Point library waiting for it to open. No doubt you do this... More >>

  • Charity Case

    published June 11, 2015

    You are the crappy, second-rate company I worked for who laid me off. You told me that the layoff had nothing to do with my performance, but... More >>

  • You're Bury Greedy

    published June 4, 2015

    You are the soulless, large, greedy Orange County cemetery where we had to bury our relative to respect her last wishes. From the bitchy phone... More >>

  • Trash Talking

    published May 28, 2015

    For years, I have lived in my Lake Forest neighborhood and enjoyed the streets around my house being clean and devoid of trash from our... More >>

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