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  • 4 days ago | Hey, You!

    You were the two guys who were so kind and compassionate to me on the days before Christmas. I was outside in the cold, dark, damp night of Dec. 22, 2015, and you pulled up in your white BMW. I didn't know what to expect; in fact, I was kind...

  • 13 days ago | Hey, You!

    To the lady in the black BMW who hit my friend with her car and sped off: Family and friends ask that you come forward and give closure to us all. You will have to answer to what you did one day, whether it be to the police or to...

  • 21 days ago | Hey, You!

    I'm your new neighbor—nice to meet you. You're cool, but can I ask for a favor? Can you masturbate to a different song? Every morning, I hear your AutoTuned bullshit, and I'm sorry, but it doesn't mask your vibrator or your moans. I wouldn't mind ...

  • 27 days ago | Hey, You!

    This wasn't the first time I've had to ask a professional to stop the job I asked them to do, but when you took the small unreinforced art print I just wanted to have securely packaged to ship overseas and stuffed it without any backing into a neb...

  • 1 month ago | Hey, You!

    I was at the store getting rung up. You asked how my family was. I had been at my grandmother's funeral the day before, and you were the first person I told. You offered your condolences, and then asked what religion she was. I told you she was Ca...

  • 1 month ago | Hey, You!

    While working a second job parking cars, I was designated to the handicap lot. Of course, everyone with a blue placard was pointing it at me as they approached, making sure they are in the elite status category. You and your son decided to ignore ...


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