Anne Marie Panoringan

Anne Marie Panoringan

A contributing writer for OC Weekly, Anne Marie freelances for multiple online and print publications, and guest judges for culinary competitions. A Bay Area transplant, she graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management from Cal Poly Pomona. On Instagram and Pinterest as brekkiefan, and Snapchat as brekkie_fan.

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  • 1 day ago | Hops to It!

    As much as I love beer, I rarely have the opportunity to get to know individuals in the brewing industry. Victor Novak is one of those people. From his time with TAPS to now, every interaction with Victor has been pleasant and informative. So for ...

  • We have the perfect storm of local, corporate and trending news to report. What better way to start a holiday weekend? But we digress . . .Here's all the scoop that's fit to print. Seabirds expanding to Long Beach! We were made privy to a groundbr...

  • From small gestures to sizable donations, our Grub Guide roundup reminds us that it's better to give than receive. Sure, we've got some dining deals. Yet helping those less fortunate makes us feel as though we made a difference. Evans Brewing Co. ...

  • 8 days ago | On the Line

    Anchor Hitch was not only one of my top five restaurants last year, they are one of our featured restaurants for next month's OC Weekly Fresh Toast event. With an updated menu and a weakness for tasty delights, my subject for this week is the ambi...

  • 11 days ago | holidays

    You want romantic? We found romantic in a few shapes and sizes. A pretty sweet variety of options, actually. Or you can hope that floral delivery gets there intact. It's your choice. Share the Love at The Lost Bean - Tustin Here's something differ...

  • 12 days ago | Chain Reactions

    We're working on your last-minute couples options as you read this. However, right now we are here to assist those who basically believe love stinks. Or who want nothing to do with hearts and chocolate. Check back Friday for all the XO. Baker &...


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