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  • Steve Tyrell

    published December 29, 2011

    As a professional crooner, you know you’ve done something right when the Sinatra family asks you to perform at the concert of Frank... More >>

  • Strung Out

    published December 22, 2011

    When one is strung out, it usually refers to suffering from a long-term drug addiction—but California punk band Strung Out has conveniently... More >>

  • Eric Schwartz AKA Smooth-E

    published December 15, 2011

    There aren’t too many people in the world that can truly multitask. (Well, aside from women, of course, because women can do anything.) But... More >>

  • Blue Suede Christmas

    published December 8, 2011

    Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world divided. But the never-ending stream of hate stems from one source of disagreement: Which is better,... More >>

  • Zombie Apocalypso Makeup Class

    published December 1, 2011

    As most educated individuals will agree, it is not a question of if the zombie apocalypse will destroy society, but when. For those with enough... More >>

  • The Queen's Gallery

    published November 24, 2011

    Shut up your Blackberry, throw your iPad in the cupboard, and travel back to a simpler time as you gaze upon the impressive collection of more... More >>

  • Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

    published November 17, 2011

    Learning you are, yes, with "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination." This one-of-a-kind educational experience developed by the Boston Museum... More >>

  • Jack's Mannequin

    published November 10, 2011

    Having survived a very public struggle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, you’d expect Jack’s Mannequin lead singer and songwriter... More >>

  • Blue Man Group

    published November 3, 2011

    The Blue Man Group—the silent performance trio, not the support group for depressed men—is coming to Orange County. Sadly, your... More >>

  • Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade

    published October 27, 2011

    These days, it seems like Halloween's a veritable slut parade—what with the “costumes” ladies and hot gay gentlemen don during... More >>

  • Day of the Dead Celebration

    published October 27, 2011

    During this spooky time of year when the dead coexist with the living, remembrance of our loved ones past can sometimes be lost amongst our... More >>

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Scored With Pipe Organ

    published October 20, 2011

    There are two sides to every coin—and two sides to every man as well. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells the tale of... More >>

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Doom of Devilsmoor

    published October 20, 2011

    Dinner parties can be such a bore. Unless things get exciting when one of the guests turns up dead! Not by self-inflicted suffocation by yawning,... More >>

  • Lord of the Rings: In Concert

    published October 13, 2011

    [concert, film] The Precious Lord of the Rings: In Concert Dorks, nerds, geeks of all ages, please direct your attention here! Lord of the Rings:... More >>

  • Pepper

    published October 6, 2011

    When your Monday evening is bland and could use a little spice, there's no better band than Pepper. Formed in the mid-'90s with guitarist/vocalist... More >>

  • 'Keepin' It Reality' with Gretchen Rossi

    published September 29, 2011

    Of all the Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi is the only one without breast implants. This fact alone certifies her as the most... More >>

  • Up

    published September 22, 2011

    In 1982, a man named Larry Walters got tired of life on earth. So he sat his ass in a lawn chair, tied 45 helium-filled weather balloons to its... More >>

  • Masters of Illusion

    published September 15, 2011

    Not since Arrested Development’s Gob Bluth dazzled Newport Beach and the viewers of Girls with Low Self Esteem by “disappearing” a... More >>

  • Joe Jonas

    published September 15, 2011

    With age comes wisdom—wisdom derived from living through the mistakes made in youth. The success of the Jonas Brothers band brought Joe Jonas... More >>

  • Jack's Sixth Show

    published September 8, 2011

    Your favorite anti-DJ, robot-operated radio station is holding a concert featuring an assortment of favorite bands from the ‘80s and... More >>

  • West Side Story

    published September 1, 2011

    Maria, lead character from the 1957 American musical classic, West Side Story, truly has a problem for the ages. She falls in love with her enemy... More >>

  • Pyrate Daze

    published August 25, 2011

    To some, two days of pirate-themed debauchery sounds like heaven; to others, it's more akin to a trip to Davy Jones' locker. With live music,... More >>

  • Daniel Tosh

    published August 18, 2011

    Many have attempted to succeed in the tough world of viral-video-replay comedy shows, but only Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 captured... More >>

  • Damn Slam LA

    published August 11, 2011

    Few can describe life’s beauty with the elegance of a poet. Even fewer can deliver those words aloud before a live audience. The Damn Slam LA... More >>

  • 'I Left My Heart'

    published July 7, 2011

    Despite a cocaine overdose and two failed marriages, Tony Bennett’s music career continues to leave even the most prudish of audiences... More >>

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