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  • The Goonies

    published September 9, 2010

    In 1985, Steven Spielberg had a stroke of genius. He combined a disfigured man-child with a candy bar fetish, a move known as the Truffle Shuffle,... More >>

  • Michael Bolton

    published September 9, 2010

    The upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars has an epic cast—and lately it seems like you can’t even turn on the sink without hearing... More >>

  • Santa Monica: The Art of Summer Opening Reception

    published September 2, 2010

    It’s just one county over, but Los Angeles seems a world away. With the quirky headshop-lined Venice boardwalk and the majesty of the Santa... More >>

  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead

    published August 26, 2010

    Always the bridesmaids and never the bride, the bit part players of our favorite productions rarely get their chance to shine in the spotlight. In... More >>

  • Two Idiots Peddling Poetry Anniversary Show

    published August 19, 2010

    Two Idiots Peddling Poetry Anniversary Show Since tin is the traditional material for a 10th anniversary, and Steve Ramirez and Ben Trigg have... More >>

  • Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour

    published August 12, 2010

    So what exactly does it take to become a war correspondent? Ask former MTV newsman and Peabody Award winner Gideon Yago. He'll be the... More >>

  • 2010 International Dance Festival

    published August 5, 2010

    Across the globe, people of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, move rhythmically to the sounds of music—that is, everyone except the... More >>

  • Menopause the Musical

    published July 29, 2010

    Perhaps the only thing that keeps women from thoughts of suicide during their monthly visit from Aunt Flow is the hope that we’ll live long... More >>

  • Aerosmith

    published July 29, 2010

    The epitome of classic rock, chances are Aerosmith have played a part in the soundtrack of your life (not to mention the soundtracks of about a... More >>

  • The Producers

    published July 15, 2010

    While most of us are suffering under the sweltering summer heat, it’s nice to know that it’s springtime out there for someone, like,... More >>

  • Remembering Vintage Fashion

    published July 8, 2010

    Of all the artifacts our ancestors have left behind, it’s the clothing that best shows what kind of lifestyle they led and what influenced... More >>

  • Life Could Be a Dream

    published July 1, 2010

    Before the Backstreet Boys and even the Jackson 5, there was a different kind of boy band, a more innocent kind—not in the way the Jonas... More >>

  • Titanic

    published June 17, 2010

    While the BP oil disaster in the Gulf may have most Americans dreaming of an inland vacation rather than the classic ocean getaway this Summer,... More >>

  • 12 Dancing Princesses

    published June 10, 2010

    Admit it: The last time you saw anything resembling ballet, it involved Barbie dolls that you were holding by the hair and flinging about the... More >>

  • Edward II

    published May 27, 2010

    While history made great strides to forget the fact that some of its leaders possessed rather, um, flamboyant characteristics, today’s... More >>

  • Crimes of the Heart

    published May 20, 2010

    If Steel Magnolias taught us anything, its that Southerners tend to deal with tragedy through humor—and the Magrath sisters from Hazelhurst,... More >>

  • Fiction Book Group: The Art of Racing in the Rain

    published May 13, 2010

    The only thing that could possibly make watching a movie surpass reading a book is the communal aspect of sitting in your seat and collectively... More >>

  • The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone

    published May 6, 2010

    How do you take a didactic children’s book whose most intriguing ingredient is fantastical illustration and make it into a stimulating... More >>

  • Weapons of Mass Delusions

    published May 6, 2010

    Struck by the lack of emotion she felt viewing the Iraq war on CNN while eating dinner, London-based artist, Laurie Lipton set her creative energy... More >>

  • Weapons of Mass Delusion

    published April 29, 2010

    Struck by the lack of emotion she felt viewing the Iraq war on CNN while eating dinner, London-based artist, Laurie Lipton set her creative energy... More >>

  • Rocky

    published April 22, 2010

    Before MMA and Ultimate Fighting swept the nation, the big thing was boxing. Two men akin to modern day gladiators would take to the ring, clad in... More >>

  • The Eagles

    published April 22, 2010

    The ‘70s just wouldn’t have been the same without the peaceful, easy feelings generated by the Eagles. The band spent years living life... More >>

  • Real Women Have Curves

    published April 8, 2010

    Ever noticed how full-figured divas like Aretha Franklin and Paula Deen have a special way of convincing you to do things you wouldn’t... More >>

  • The US and the UN in the 21st Century

    published April 1, 2010

    Since Franklin D. Roosevelt first coined the term “United Nations” during World War II, the U.N. has brought together the world for the... More >>

  • Coming to America

    published March 25, 2010

    It’s tough for Americans to experience culture shock anymore. With all of the media modes, communication devices and technology enhancements... More >>

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