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  • 8 days ago | Comedy

    A no doubt suited up Doug Stanhope is coming straight outta Bisbee to take Southern Cali by storm for three nights. So if you don’t like fearless, non-PC, thought provoking comedy, you might as well keep your boring ass at home. Never failing to b...

  • 1 month ago | Comedy

    If you missed last night’s 59th annual Grammy’s Awards hosted by carpool karaoke’s own James Corden, let us give you a quick recap. A slew of (dead) icons were honored (R.I.P. y’all), Chance the Rapper won “Best New Artist” (apologies for the Gram...

  • 2 months ago | Comedy

    Whether you like football or don't it doesn’t matter. You like Twitter. Shut up. You do! OK, OK, maybe you don’t like Twitter (lololol you do) and don’t like football either but, you do like Lady Gaga and couldn’t wait to see what she’d be doing/w...

  • 4 months ago | Comedy

    Need more Doug Stanhope in your life? You’re not alone. Lucky for you bastards, Stanhope is coming to So Cal and he’s doing it big November 14th-16th with one night at each the Irvine Improv, the Ontario Improv, and the new Levity Live club in Oxn...

  • 5 months ago | Interviews

    Breaking down the awesome insanity that is Tenacious D is difficult to say the least. Deconstructing the band, that’s a lot easier. Jack Black and Kyle Gass. See? Easy. What these two consistently bring to the stage is nothing short of astounding ...

  • 5 months ago | Comedy

    Talking to a legend is always amazing so when you get to talk to one twice, you want to brag. So here we go. WE GOT TO TALK TO LILY TOMLIN TWICE! OK sorry. So yeah, Lily Tomlin will be at Segerstrom Center for the Arts this Saturday October 22nd...


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