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  • 3 days ago | live review

    Nile The City National Grove of Anaheim 2/3/2016 While almost all death metal bands churn out lyrical content relating to the macabre, Satanism, zombies, gore and pathology, Nile is one of few bands who go against the grain since the band was conc...

  • 6 days ago | Metal

    1.Nile February 3 The Grove of Anaheim. If you call yourself a fan of death metal, and are not into Nile, then something you screwed up somewhere along the path. Since 1993, these dudes have been pummeling out some of the heaviest, fast and and ex...

  • 7 days ago | live review

    Hirax DiPiazza's  1/30/2016 DiPiazzas in Long Beach was transformed into a bonafide thrash metal show on Saturday night as a mini legion of metal heads piled into the small bar/music venue for a performance from Hirax, one of the first genera...

  • 11 days ago | Metal

    Everyone loves bands that play cover songs. Ever since there have been bands, there have been other bands, who come after and cover them live and on record. Not only did some of the greatest rock musicians of all times begin their musical careers ...

  • 20 days ago | Metal

    If you love heavy metal music and hamburgers, Alhambra was the place to be Saturday, as legions of burger fans, carnivores, and rockers all flocked to Grill 'Em All, for the restaurant’s three year anniversary celebration of extreme innovative bur...

  • 27 days ago | Metal

    Guitar, bass, drums and a loud singer are all elements you'd normally connect with the sound of heavy metal music. While these instruments are the foundation for the genre's penetrating sound, keyboards too, have also played a significant role in ...


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