• @aimee_murillo
    13 February, 2016

    Motorcycles are so effin hard to draw. It took me all night to get down a drawing of one correctly 😞😞😞

  • @aimee_murillo
    13 February, 2016

    @showpigeon YASSS QUEEN, DRAG THEM! (Also, I am a genius)

  • @aimee_murillo
    12 February, 2016

    Ayyy c'mere a min lemme whisper in yo ear... that this week's #Trendzilla is on how to make ur own V- Day cards :D https://t.co/Rldq941bRT

  • @aimee_murillo
    11 February, 2016

    .@Lo_Pies covered Top Acid's 1st Anniversary last weekend, have a read! (i make an awkward cameo) https://t.co/52GURjekMy #dtsa #topacid

  • @aimee_murillo
    11 February, 2016

    @charlesnlam yeah it was forever ago so i don't remember it. But i believe you πŸ˜›


Aimee Murillo

Aimee Murillo is calendar editor and frequently covers the Orange County DIY music scene, film, arts, Latino culture and currently pens the long-running column Trendzilla. Born, raised, and based in Santa Ana, she loves bad movies, punk shows, raising her plants, eating tacos, Selena, and puns.

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