Unicornucopia Opening Reception

What is “Unicornucopia”? It’s “an abundant, bountiful supply of mono-horned mystical beasts,” or maybe it’s an art show dedicated entirely to unicorns—our inner 9-year-old just got really, really excited. So dig out that old Lisa Frank backpack, and let’s all take a trip back to our childhoods for Rothick Art Haus’ latest exhibit. “Unicornucopia” features works by more than 25 artists, including Frank Kozik, Kukula, Kelly Castillo, Hi-Tree, Mustachio and Kitty Brown. We’re looking forward to seeing Glenn Arthur’s new glossy-lipped, watery-eyed beauties; Timothy Daniel Flynn’s witty, quirky illustrations; and Michael White’s humorous, whimsical images. The opening reception is free to attend and will include live entertainment and—oh, joy!—unicorn-themed refreshments.
Sat., Dec. 11, 7 p.m., 2010


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