[Trendzilla] You Sexy Mothertuckers!

Chances are, if you're a guy, your parents have hounded you your whole life to tuck your shirt in.

It didn't matter whether you were wearing a T-shirt or button-up, or if you were 5, 15 or 35—they wanted you to tuck your shirt in.

And, for the most part, I'm going to agree. For certain occasions, of course.

Tucking in your shirt was something that was seen as ultra-unhip by American youth for so long it's still tough to shake most guys out of the mindset.

Around 2003, dudes got the idea to be mutinous and started wearing their shirttails hanging down the front of their pants. For a while, it was kinda cute. The vintage, ill-fitting, rumpled suit with Chucks thing, that is. It was cool and uncalculated. But you do it now, and it's like you're trying hard to achieve a certain look, while simultaneously diminishing any hint of maturity you're probably trying to exude. The style's now reserved for Sutra regulars in pink shirts from Express and Kenneth Cole dress shoes. So quit it.

As for the gals . . . not exactly thin? Got a hint of a tummy on you?

Tucking your top in is something you should stray from. Know what a FUPA is? Let's not draw any attention to that. (Don't know what a FUPA is? Google it. You'll love me. Or you'll be thoroughly disgusted. Or both.)

The trend started years ago: Really skinny bitches with their really skinny legs started tucking their button-down shirts into their really skinny pants. It accentuated their highly enviable—yet somehow still bitchy—skinniness. And it looked damn good.

It's all a part of the return to femininity—tighter fits and clean lines, diverging from the bag lady/oversized cardigan look that ruled five years ago.

And unfortunately, the average-sized gal probably isn't going to benefit much from this.

Take high-waisted bottoms, for example. The style is still raging hard on the runways, in retail stores and in real life—and it's another mothertucking waist-revealing trend only the thin can partake in.

This gal, spotted at one of the Orange County Performing Arts Center's Off Center concert nights (highly recommended!) has the right idea. She's skinny. She's got her unadorned floral-print tank tucked into a pair of dark-washed jeans. She's added a brown belt, woven peep-toe flats and a simple bag.

The entire outfit is effortless, yet well-put-together and definitely still stylish.

As for the types of shirts that will look good tucked in, just make sure they aren't billowy or oversized. Even T-shirts will work.

So yeah, nothing new here, folks. The skinnies triumph again.


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